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Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners
Are you one of the many pet owners who've not taken a proper vacation since ages, as you can't take your beloved furries along? Well, start packing your bags, because traveling with pets isn't as difficult as you imagined.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: May 4, 2018
A holiday is best enjoyed with family and friends. And as pets are an inseparable part of the family, you simply have to take them along. Yes, you can keep them at a pet care center, but frankly, do you relish that thought? Imagine being miles away from your pet, possibly in a different country, and wondering if your little sweetheart is liking its temporary abode?
Taking your pet along on a vacation seems like a dream, but it can be nightmarish for both you and your pet, if you ignore a few vital things. But fret not, as here is the complete guide to a wonderful holiday with your four-legged friends.
What to Pack
»Your pet's medications top the list. Carry his flea or tick powder. If your pet has traveled before, you would know if he's prone to motion sickness, if any, and the vet will prescribe medications accordingly. A first-aid kit for your pet is a necessity too.

»If your pet is used to his bedding, do not forget to pack that. Cats especially are particular about their beds, and can act fussy about it.

»Carry his favorite treats along with food. It will come in handy on long trips when your pet may get irritable. Collapsible bowls come in handy to feed pets in vehicles.

»Your pet could be having a toy that he is particularly fond of, and it would be wise to carry that. The smell of a favorite toy is extremely comforting to a distressed pet, and it keeps him cheerful otherwise as well.

»Make provisions for your pet's waste disposal. Take a poop scoop and waste bagsalong, so that you don't have to think too much about cleaning the mess your pet makes.

»Don't forget to carry leashes and extra name tags, as it could be very inconvenient if you happen to misplace them while you are vacationing.

»Cats can be at their crankiest best when you take them out of their cul-de-sac. You must get him habituated to being on a leash at least a fortnight before your trip. The vet can sometimes recommend sedating your pet prior to travel, particularly air travel.
Travelling pit bull terrier
Did You Know...
... That We Need Passports?
A pet passport is more like a health certificate that has all the updated information about your pet's health conditions, and ailments if he has any. It includes a list of vaccinations administered too.

Different countries have different regulations about pet travel that you need to strictly adhere to. You can get more information about pet passports at your local Veterinary Services Area Office.
... That We Love Our Travel Accessories?
Pet carriers, seat harnesses, pet barriers, portable kennels and litter boxes are designed with your pet's and your comfort in mind. Utilize these accessories to make the journey comfortable for your pet and you.

If you are too lazy to pack essential supplies yourself, ready-made pet travel packs are available, which contain all the necessities mentioned above.
... That We Get Pet-Lagged?
Yes, travel fatigue is not limited to humans. They have a body clock, just as we do, although it may not be as tuned in as ours. Don't be impatient with your pet who acts irritable or unusually twitchy, after a journey. Allow them enough time to recover.

It is necessary to keep your pets well-hydrated, if you are traveling by air, and let them soak in the sun, when you reach your destination.
Just Before You Leave
»A visit to the vet should be organized in the week prior to your date of departure. Let the doctor decide if your pet is healthy enough to travel.

»Get a list of necessary animal vaccinations from the embassy of the country you'll be vacationing in. Fulfill their requirements and get a health certificate from the vet to carry along as a proof.

»You can think of installing a microchip to ensure your pet's whereabouts if it gets lost in a new town. This tiny, grain-sized chip, when plugged into a database, gives a number that has the owner's contact information, and makes reunions easier.

»Update your pet's tag, especially if you'll be traveling to a different country, perhaps your cell phone number would change.

»Cat owners should ideally start leash training well in advance. If possible, get them accustomed to longer drives if it's a road trip you're taking.
Exotic locations, spa retreats, reclusive resorts and 5-star luxury make our holidays worthwhile. But what makes them really memorable are our companions. For pet owners, their lovely animals are an integral part of their family, without whom a vacation just doesn't feel like a vacation. So go ahead, book a room in a pet-friendly hotel, and make picture-perfect memories!