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Information About Pet Friendly Hotels

Deepti Mhaske May 12, 2019
Pet friendly hotels make it possible for you to enjoy long vacations abroad with your family and pets. Read on to know some useful tips that will help you in bringing your pets along for your trip.
If you are planning for a weekend getaway or an extended family vacation, you can include your pets in your travel plans.
Now your pets can travel too! So far you might have avoided traveling because of your pets. However, the good news is that there are plenty of hotels all around the world that will welcome your pets with open arms.
Quite a large number of airlines these days, allow you to travel with your furry friends, giving your pets a chance to see the world. So, stop worrying about leaving your pets at home or in foster care and just include these delightful companions in your travel plans.

Hotels That Accommodate Pets

Many hotels around the world can provide you with fine amenities to help you relax and enjoy your vacation with your family and pets. Such accommodations usually arrange for services like pet sitters, veterinarians, and pet transporters.
Some hotels also provide comfortable bedding, so you and your furry friends can have good rest during your stay. You can check with them, if they offer any complimentary services like pet walks during the day, grooming services and pet spas, to pamper your pets.
You will also find a lot of help from online communities where other animal lovers provide tips and suggestions and their travel stories with their pets. Once you reach, try to locate a vet who can deal with any emergencies. Have a list of animal hospitals handy. Take a printout of this information, along with emergency phone numbers, addresses and maps.

Make Travel Reservations in Advance

You only need to plan ahead a bit so you can make the longest of journeys enjoyable for your pet. Check with your regular airline if they are willing to accommodate your pet when you book your ticket. It is good to make reservations in advance especially if you are traveling during peak season.
Once you have decided your travel location and which hotel you would like to stay in, it is a good idea to call them and check specifically if your pet fits their guidelines. Ask plenty of questions beforehand, so you know what you can and what you can't expect at that hotel. Get acquainted with any extra costs that can come up while you are put up there.
There are many factors that a pet owner must consider before packing bags. It is important for you to prepare your pet for travel, a few weeks in advance. You can do this by taking them for outings close by in your car, or taking them out for walks in parks or in the neighborhood. The effort will be worth it when you have a worry-free trip with your pet.
Let us see some pointers to ensure that you are ready for your trip:

★ Before traveling, do make sure that your pet is in good health. Have your pet checked by a veterinarian a few weeks before you travel and update your pets vaccinations.

★ Carry your pets medical records and a health certificate from your vet with you in case of emergencies.
★ Some pets suffer from motion sickness. It is better to carry appropriate medicines to deal with stress during travel.

★ Carry your pets regular supply of food and bottled water to avoid stomach upsets and diarrhea.
★ Take along your pets bed and favorite toys.

★ Keep a first aid box handy.

★ Make sure your pet has a proper ID tag on the collar, with identification details
and your contact number.
Animal friendly hotels are also useful in events when you need to travel abroad for business and you cannot leave your pet alone at home. They let you to enjoy the vacation with your pets and help you take back happy and wonderful memories of your holiday together!