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Female Betta Fish

Female Betta Fish
Female betta fish behavior is quite peculiar, and needs to be taken into consideration when keeping these fish in a bowl or aquarium. This article will give you all the information you will need to maintain the fish.
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Betta fish are one of the most popular aquarium fish and are also known by the name Siamese fighting fish. Betta fish come in brilliant colors; while some are resplendent in blue-green shades, and others have monotones with green as their natural color with double tails, and still others will be completely blue. While the blue betta fish are quite common, and the most regular betta fish will have orange-golden shades. These fish are called Siamese fighting fish, because of their particular behavior. You cannot keep two or more males in the same tank or bowl, because they will fight with one another till only one of them remains. However, you can maintain more than one female betta in a tank or bowl. Here are some female betta behavior and other facts that will help you in maintaining female betta in a safe environment.
Female Betta Facts
Here is some important female betta information and care instructions that you will need, while caring for these fish.
  • Female betta have shorter fins and less vibrant colors compared to the males. But some female betta can be as colorful as the males. A breeding female might have horizontal or dark vertical stripes.
  • Female betta can't usually co-exist with males, except during mating period.
  • When keeping more than one female betta in a bowl or tank, there are certain factors you need to consider. Females are rough with each other, and will fight till they determine which one of them is the dominant fish.
  • You should always have 4 or more female betta fish in a tank. If there are 2 female betta then they might fight each other, till only one remains alive.
  • If you keep 3 female betta , then there is a possibility that two might gang-up against one, and therefore, 4 or more female betta is a safe bet. So maintain around 4 - 6 female betta in a tank of 10 gallons capacity
  • However, you will need to maintain a suitable environment in the tank, so that the fish have enough hiding places, because female betta behavior tend to be somewhat territorial.
  • Live plants will work best as hiding places and keep the fish tank environment clean. However, you can also have fake plants instead of live ones.
  • To buy this fish, it is best if you look for online suppliers, as you can have a lot of variety and you can see the pictures of the different breeds too. Online betta suppliers which are near you, will not only have more varieties but also healthier ones compared to those in pets shops that have fish. The fish in pet shops will be kept in constricted spaces, which might make them miserable. In case you wish to get it from a pet shop, then buy female betta as soon as they arrive at the shop.
  • When you keep 4 or more female betta in a tank together, there is a possibility that they will start picking at each other, which is just their normal female betta behavior.
  • The picking will calm down, as soon as they determine the one dominant fish.
  • The time when you should introduce a male betta fish is only when you want to go for breeding. Otherwise it is wise to keep them separated.
  • Maintain a temperature of 70 - 75 ºF in the tank, and keep the temperature steady. Feed them floating food pellets which are labeled for betta fish, and dried worms. You can also feed them live black worms and some live or frozen brine shrimp. Make sure you remove the uneaten food after 10 minutes, using a small net.
  • Good tank mates for female betta include platies, swordtails, mollies, angelfish, danios, gouramis, a school of bala sharks, one plecostomus and a school of clown loaches.
This was the information on female betta behavior towards other females, and their opposite sex which will help you in keeping a group of female betta together in a fish tank and will help you when you want to breed these fish. Also keep the tank, temperature and food requirements in mind, to maintain healthy female betta.
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