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100 Super Cool Names for Your Pet Hermit Crab That Sound Awesome

100 Cool Names for a Pet Hermit Crab
True to its name, a hermit crab lives in isolation, which can be a good thing if you want one as a pet. Once you bring a hermit crab home, along with maintaining its 'crabitat', comes the important task of naming it. This PetPonder article gives you 100 cool names for your unique pet.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: May 28, 2018
Colors of the Ocean
Beautiful Red Crab On Beach
A names for your pet hermit crab can be inspired from various marine colors such as blue, teal, cyan, green, or the color of its skin, such as red, scarlet, orange, or the color of its shell.
Little Hermit Crab
Pet hermit crabs are a very unique choice as pets. They are not very active, and usually, will spend their day in their comfort zones―their shells. However, do remember that these are very delicate creatures and need to be looked after, just like any other pet. Their enclosure or tank should simulate their natural habitat. As a pet, they are harmless and can make a good pet for children. They require very little in terms of space and food. They're omnivorous, so you have lot of options for them to feed.
While naming, you can use the ocean and its coastal environment as inspiration. For example, a pet male hermit crab can be named 'Blue' or 'Palm', while the female can be named 'Coral', 'Shelly', or 'Pearl'.
Male Pet Hermit Crab Names Female Pet Hermit Crab Names
Aaron Babe
Bling Betty
Blue Bindy
Bob Bitty
Caribbean Blinky
Chuck Bubbles
Claw Chi
Clips Cisca
Cobalt Cora
Coconut Coral
Cool Crusty
Copper Cyana
Corky Dimma
Crabbie Floaty
Crusty Ginny
Eyeball Gritty
Fred Ivory
George Keisha
Gold Kinky
Green Krabba
Hermie Maria
Jamie Marina
Max Meenie
Moon Migo
Mr. Beach Mino
Mr. Deep Moe
Mr. Hook Munchy
Mr. Krabs Nickie
Ocean Oceana
Odie Pearl
Oreo Peeka
Palm Peeky
Pench Orange
Pip Palm
Raf Pookie
Sammy Ruby
Sand Saila
Scribbles Salty
Seaman Sandra
Sebastian Sandy
Shade Shelby
Shield Shelly
Snappy Shina
Surf Shini
Teal Silver
Tide Spongy
Toby Sunny
Tongs Swirly
Twister Tika
Water Wavy
Big and Small
Curly and Hurly
Foam and Roam
Peeky and Peepy
Sand and Paper
Sea and Ocean
Shelly and Shelby
Surf and Turf
Teensy and Weensy
Tide and Wave
Bringing any pet home, comes with responsibility. Do acquaint yourself with tips to care for any pet. Take help from the younger members of your family in naming them, they might just come up with creative ideas for names!
Giant Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab