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Where Do Rabbits Live

Where Do Rabbits Live
Rabbits change their habitat during winter to protect themselves from the cold. This article provides more information about the habitat of rabbits.
Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Rabbits can be found everywhere, except of course the cold continent of Antarctica. These little creatures are mostly found in Asia, Europe, and North America. They usually live in groups under the ground in small burrows and are fast runners. The best known species is the European rabbit, who creates holes under the ground. Grasslands, thickets, forests, woods, and meadows are some of the areas where rabbits are most commonly found. They dig small burrows so that they can rest and hide from predators. They are known to create extensive burrow systems which are called warrens.
There are some species of rabbits which don't create burrows and the most common among them are hispid rabbits, cottontail rabbits, and some species like dwarf rabbits which make excellent pets. The rabbits which don't live in burrows live in nests which are called forms. They are made in thick and dense forests. The rabbits camouflage their nests so that they can't be easily seen, thereby protecting them from predators.
Where Do Rabbits Live during Winter
Rabbits live in colonies and can be found in a wide range of areas right from mountaintops to areas which are at the sea level, cliffs, embankments, moorlands, salt marshes, and sand dunes. Cliff burrows which are not inhabited by other animals are taken over by rabbits, and this provides them protection from the cold winds during winters. Rabbits usually dig up burrows under the ground. These are dug in a haphazard manner, and many a time it has been found that the burrows are connected to each other.
If you have pet rabbits and are worried about their survival, then you can keep them in a cage which provides protection from the rain, snow, and cold winds. A roof on top with a wooden enclosure is an excellent option as this kind of structure prevents cold winds from entering the cage. Moreover, you can give them a lot of hay so that they can cover themselves in case they feel cold. Instead of giving them cold water, you can also give them warm water so it heats up their body. Another important thing to remember is that the cage should not be at ground level. During winter, the ground cools down to a great extent, and if the cage is placed at the same level, the rabbits may feel cold, thereby endangering them. Maintain at least a couple of inches between the ground and cage. You can also cover the cage with tarps during harsh weather conditions so that these little creatures remain safe inside.
Natural Habitat of Rabbits
Rabbits are most commonly found in meadows and grasslands. In these areas, the ground is mostly soft, thereby making it easier for them to dig and excavate. Moreover, the chances of finding an old burrow of another animal is high, and rabbits are known to take over such places. They mostly search for a place to live in areas where a food source is nearby. A farmland is an ideal breeding area for rabbits. They look for food in open spaces like farms and fields, especially during the night. They look for places where they can find herbs and grasses, besides vegetables and lettuce. During winter, they prefer eating buds, twigs, and barks.
Rabbits usually inhabit places where there is a lot of food for them. They dig burrows under the ground so that they are protected from wild animals. During winter, they protect themselves by remaining under the ground so that they don't feel cold. If you have pet rabbits, take good care of them, especially during the winter months.
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