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Weird Pets You Can Raise at Home

Saptakee Sengupta May 10, 2019
Apart from the regular cats, dogs, horses, etc., there are strange creatures in the world that can be reared at home. Here are information about some of these unique creatures that can be raised as pets safely.
Other than dogs and birds, have you ever thought of keeping strange animals at home? While looking for pictures of peculiar animals over the Internet or books, you have possibly longed to get one for yourself. Some of these are easily tamed at home, and with proper care and rearing techniques they can become your best friends.


This animal is not only weird but also very cute.
It looks like a hybrid of a chinchilla, a hamster, and a squirrel. It is a breed of tropical rainforests. You will love to play with this small creature all the day round, as it is sportive, playful, and mischievous. Kinkajou is also known as sugar bear. Keep names like 'Baby Love' and call to see the immediate response.


A piranha is a royal fish, reared by many Hollywood celebrities.
The breed is quite aggressive and eats flesh. It's somewhat vicious and you need to be very careful while feeding it. Remember not to feed it with your own hand. You never know, it can bite your hand with its sharp teeth. Always take advice from experienced aquarists before setting up a niche for it.


It is a tiny kangaroo like animal. It is a very peace loving creature, neither aggressive nor dangerous.
In Latin, wallaby means macropod as it has big feet. You can spend the entire day with this weird but cute pet, playing, hopping, and jumping all day round. And what should be its name? 'Hoppy'!

Potbellied Pig

Potbellied pigs are not only lovable, they are also among the smartest animals in the world.
They were first introduced in the US and then in Asia. They can be easily tamed because of their calm, responsible, and affectionate nature.

Madagascar Cockroach

The presence of cockroaches is generally a nuisance to house.
However, this breed is unlike ordinary cockroaches. A Madagascar cockroach makes for exotic pets for children. It grows up to 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. They are hardy and their shell is magnificently colored. Once you rear a family of Madagascar cockroaches, it's impossible for you to swat them from your house.


Tarantulas belong to the spider family.
Taming tarantulas is a daunting task. They are large hairy spiders with a coat of varying colors, known to be a perfect example of savage beauty. Tarantulas are usually calm unless provoked. If furious, they spit out their venom as reflex action. Therefore, you must be very cautious while rearing it at home.


Petauristini or Pteromyini, known as the flying squirrel make great pets. This animal is quite different from normal breeds of squirrels. The joy of taming flying squirrel is like playing an entire day with a baby. It has the ability to keep the atmosphere of your house vibrant all day long. Its body is soft and furry and it's very affectionate by nature.

Hermit Crab

Taming a hermit crab is very easy. The creature is neither a hermit nor a crab. It's known to be very sociable and adaptable.
To name a few, the Ecuadorian crab and the purple claw crab are the two well-known species of hermit crab that can be kept as pets. If you wish to keep Hermit crabs as pets, you ought to build a niche with all the conditions of a tropical climate.

Pac Man Frog

When it comes to choosing frogs as pets, then this species is not as abominable as it looks.
However, one must be careful while taming it, as it is renowned for its mean bite. The ornate horned frog can live for 15 years in captivity, provided its surroundings are well maintained and it is given a healthy diet, just the way it loves to hog.
Some other weird pets are also sold by animal dealers. The price varies according to the rarity of the breed. Amongst them, some might be endangered too.
★ Komodo Dragon
★ African Armored Cricket
★ Antlion
★ Assassin Bug
★ Camel Spiders
★ Land Snails
★ Golden Apple Snails
African Velvet Slug
★ Ghost Shrimp
★ Freshwater Eel
★ Skunk
★ Sugar Gliders
★ Sea Otter
★ Velvet Worms
★ Egyptian Predator Beetle
★ Underwater Bugs
★ Giant Vinegaroon
★ Pancake Slug
★ Wellington Wetas
★ Teacup Pigs
★ Lungfish
Keeping pets can be fun, if you really get along with the animals. You need to understand their mood and behavior and treat them accordingly. Good luck!