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Tiger Barb Fish Care

Tiger Barb Fish Care
Having an aquarium with colorful fish is a feast to the eyes. Among the fish, you will notice one particular species that is quite frisky in its movements - the tiger barb. Breeding tiger barb fish in your aquarium is a sure delight, but it is essential to also be aware of tiger barb fish care.
Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2018
Tiger barbs in aquarium
One of the popular species of aquarium fish, tiger barbs are favorite among fish enthusiasts. With their brightly colored bodies and frisky nature, this beautiful species of fish cannot be missed.
Male Tiger barb fish
Tiger barb fish, scientifically known as Puntius tetrazona are endemic to the Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.
Some of the species are also found in Sumatra islands, off the Malay Peninsula. These days, the tiger barb fish is found in other parts of the world, and have been making way into aquariums.
tropical fish tank with aquarium ornaments, plants, snails
Caring for the tiger barb is relatively easy, and this fish is perfect for a beginner aquarium.
How to Care for a Tiger Barb Fish
Tiger barb fish are quite hardy and need less maintenance. The life span of a tiger barb fish, properly fed and well kept in a roomy aquarium, is about 6 years But you must make sure that the fish is in good health so that you have it in your aquarium for a longer period of time.
  • The first and foremost thing to be remembered while taking care of your pet tiger barbs is that you have to provide them with a proper living space. The tank in which they are kept in should be spacious, since they are an active lot. Cleaning the tank properly with hot water will ensure that there is no waste or dust in it.
With the help of a dish towel, clean the outside and inside of the tank. Let the tank dry completely before filling it with room temperature water.
  • Allow the water to stand for a day before you introduce your pet to its new home. To make the tank ideal for the fish, place a few stones and other substrate at the bottom. Plant some weeds or aquarium plants in the substrate to give a feel of the fish's original habitat.
  • The next step is to install a filter to keep the tank water clean. A heater can also be attached to the filter, to keep the optimal temperature of water. Make sure the temperature does not exceed approximately 21 to 25 ºC (70 to 77 ºF), or else it can affect the health of the fish. You can also place rocks, driftwood and other decorations in the water tank.
  • When you introduce the tiger barb fish to their new habitat, make sure you have them in pairs and six to eight in number, since they are a schooling species. You should choose lively and smaller fish as its other tank mates, since the barb fish has a habit of nipping at other fish's fins.
Raw meat on the plate
  • Since the fish are omnivorous in their feeding habit, you can give them plant food as well as meat. Feed the tiger barb fish with flake food twice a day, in the morning as well as evening.
Zucchini while cooking
You can also give the fish tiny chunks of boiled vegetables like lettuce and zucchini etc. Giving the fish live food like brine shrimp or blood worms, will help them exhibit their natural chasing mannerism.
  • If you are planning to breed tiger barbs, then you must be aware of the difference between the male and female species. The males have a brightly colored body, when compared to the females.
Tiger barb fish
Also the females are larger than the males, with a rounder body. The parents may eat up the eggs, even before hatching.
So it is necessary to separate the eggs from the male and female to prevent them from being eaten. A new aquarium with a device for egg protection can be set up in the tank.
While choosing tank mates for your pet fish, research properly on which fish are appropriate, lest they get eaten by the tiger barb. You should take proper precautions while caring for a tiger barb fish, so that your pet fish stays healthy and disease-free.