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Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinary Hospital

Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinary Hospital
Just like ourselves, our pets too deserve the best health care center possible. Let us explore some factors that you need to consider while choosing a veterinary hospital for your pet.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2018
Aftercare Facility
When choosing a veterinary hospital for your pet, check if it has an aftercare facility, in case there are complications during the recovery period.
Choosing a care center for your pet is one of the most important decisions for the well-being of the pet. Some of us think that all veterinary hospitals are pretty much the same, but they are not. There are several things, right from the atmosphere to the methods of treatment, that mark the difference between veterinary care centers.
You should make a list of the best veterinary hospitals in your area and then shortlist a few as per your requirements. If your friends have pets, you can contact them for information, or you could also call up local kennels for information. After selecting veterinary hospital, let us see the information to be kept in mind.
Tips to Choose the Best Veterinary Hospital
Consider the Location
veterinary medical center sign
If all the hospitals on your list are far away from your residence, then you will have to get back to making a list with some hospitals nearer to your home.
A newly adopted pet requires frequent visits to the hospital for vaccinations, and a hospital that is far away will only mean tedious trips every time your pet needs a vaccine. In case of emergencies too, the proximity becomes vital.
Consider the Cost
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Most hospitals charge the same for basic treatment of pets, like vaccinations. However, you should find out the tentative cost for advanced treatment.
This may be for spaying or setting a fractured bone, and the expenditure if your pet has to spend the night, or a few days, in the hospital. Some hospitals may provide extra options, like grooming and training your pet. Make sure you can opt out of these extras, and not pay for them. Choose a hospital that has reasonable rates, and is slightly flexible.
Check for Certification
doctor giving license certificate
If you don't want to put your pet's life at stake, remember to inquire about the license of the veterinarian, and if the hospital is certified by the government. The staff should be qualified and registered to be able to deal with the pets in an efficient manner as well.
There are several tests that veterinary staff have to pass, including a state test of treating pets. The benefit of finding registered staff is that they have the skill and experience of dealing with pets, and know exactly what needs to be done with each animal.
Check the Appointment Schedule
veterinarian checking dog
It is important to consider how much time is given per appointment, as it is a major factor in determining the hospital's efficiency in handling cases.
If you are told that an examination takes just 15 minutes, look for another hospital. 15 minutes is just not enough for a complete checkup. Look for hospitals that offer special appointments to new clients and give expert advice about further treatment. Also, such hospitals have special treatment strategies for elderly pets or pets with serious injuries.
Look for Proper Equipment and Technology
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There are innumerable technologies involved in pet care, and you have the responsibility to choose the most advanced and effective technologies for your pet.
The hospital should not only have basic equipment in place, but also facilities to treat certain specific cases of pet emergencies. If the hospital has a lab, pharmacy, surgery suite, dental suite, and diagnostic tools, then know that it's a full service animal hospital, and your pet will receive the best treatment in that hospital.
Check for Cleanliness
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It is essential to visit the animal hospital that you are choosing for your pet, and check the surroundings for a clean and hygienic environment.
A hospital that does not maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness may have adverse effects on your pet's health and make it susceptible to certain health problems. Take a look at the surgical rooms for cleanliness, as they are more susceptible to germs.
Look for Exotic Pet Accommodation
doctor and family with parrot
It is easy to find a veterinary hospital for cats and dogs, but if you have birds as your pets, you will either have to look for an exclusive exotic pet hospital, or inquire if a general animal hospital can provide treatment for birds.
How can you determine whether a particular hospital treats exotic pets or not? Well, if the hospital has basic equipment, like a small scale that weighs in grams suitable for those little birds, or a tank for reptiles, then it's pretty evident that the hospital has treated exotic pets in the past, and your exotic pet may get proper treatment.
Observe the Staff
group of veterinarians
Be it human or pet care, it requires a team that has a perfectly synchronized and co-ordinated system for every task in the hospital. Right from the receptionist to the veterinary surgeon, observe each staff member for their personality, attitude, voice, tone, etc.
For instance, observe the receptionist; if she looks up at you, smiles and asks how she can help you, then know that the staff is kind and helpful and may take good care of your pet.
Also, while you are sitting in the waiting area, observe the nurses, vet surgeons, and other hospital staff while they are dealing with clients, and conversing among themselves. This observation will give you an idea about the overall atmosphere in the hospital premises.
Once you find the best veterinary hospital for your pet, try to build a rapport with the veterinarian and the staff. Instead of treating the hospital just as an emergency room, plan a visit to the hospital for a routine examination of your pet, and engage in conversation with the vet, so that you understand his/ her method of treatment better.