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Reasons Why Pets Run Away

This story will help you to determine why your pet is running away from home again and again.
Thomas Wright Dec 18, 2019
If you know anything about pets, you know they each have a distinctive personality. That means the reasons they might run away are unique and varied. If your pet has run away, don’t panic. Get on a pet finder app like Shadow and they will be able to help you. Understanding why they ran away might help you find a pet. Some common reasons include:
  • Boredom—If a pet is stuck in a backyard and not getting enough attention, he may escape out of boredom.
  • A love of running—some high energy breeds love to run for the sake of running. When given an opportunity, they make a break for it just for the sensation of running.
  • Intact males—the call of nature is strong. Male pets, especially, will mount serious escape attempts when they smell a female in heat. A pet’s sense of smell is approximately 40 times stronger than humans, so the female’s scent may carry an astounding distance.
  • Fear or startle response—this is the reason so many pets go missing around the 4th of July. Fireworks, gunshots may be all it takes for your pet to bolt in a panic. Running until they find themselves in an unfamiliar area compounds their fear. New smells, sights, and noises may frighten them into continuing to bolt until they are exhausted.
Pets are animals, and will always act in unpredictable ways. This unpredictability is why you should ensure your pet wears a collar with securely attached identification tags. Consider having your pet microchipped as well. A microchip doubles your pet’s chances of being reunited with you if they go missing.
  • If possible, keep your pet inside when you are away from home. Indoors is the most secure environment for them.
  • If your pet must stay outside, check your yard weekly for rotted boards, places where the pet is digging, or any other escape routes.
  • Make the yard a fun place to be from a pet's perspective. Some ideas to make your yard enticing:
  1. Hide a treat or two in the yard when you leave. Treasures for them to smell and hunt will keep them entertained.
  2. Have rugged, durable outside toys that your pet will enjoy.
  3. Make sure they have shelter from the elements and access to plenty of water.
  • Consider adding another pet to your family. Pets are, by nature, pack animals. If you have the time and means to care for another pet, consider giving your pet a playmate. Make sure the two pets have compatible temperaments. Do not leave them unsupervised alone together until you are sure they will not fight.
All pets need exercise. Make sure that you take your pet on long walks and frequent trips to places like your local pet park. If you must leave your pet at home all day, consider having a pet walker come by to take your pet for a walk. It is not expensive and helps prevent your pet from feeling bored and lonely.
Spend plenty of time with your pet when you are home. Spending time around you and your family is essential for a healthy relationship. You are part of your pet’s pack, and being excluded from the pack creates stress and anxiety for pets. Address any training issues, like house training, so that your pet learns to be a good citizen.