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Compelling Reasons Why You Must Look for Reliable Pet Care Services

Sonal Panse May 12, 2019
The pet care service you choose should be professional and businesslike. Here's something that will help you out.
If there is a demand, there will be a business providing the service. So it is with the pet care business. Once upon a time, people got pets and found time to care for them―if they had to be away, someone from the family or neighborhood was sure to look after the pet.
Nowadays, most people, especially in urban areas, have a busy, complicated schedule, and there is a growing need for pet care services, as more and more owners find themselves facing issues when they busy working or have to be away from home for extended periods of time.
Leaving pets with family or friends is not always practical. If you travel frequently, leaving your pet with friends all the time could put a strain on the relationship. Your friends will resent having to put their plans on the back burner in order to sit your pet. It's much better to hire a professional pet service to meet your requirements.

What They Provide

★ Boarding your pet when you have to go away on business or holiday.

★ Day care for your pet when you are away at work.

★ Walking your dog whenever required. Most pet care services have specified times or lengths of walks. For longer than these, they charge you extra.

★ Feeding your pet.
★ Grooming your pet. Some dogs require special grooming and if you don't have the time or knowledge to do it yourself, it's best to get a professional to handle the task.

★ Plenty of attention and affection.

★ First aid and veterinarian treatment if required.

Why the Need?

★ With a pet care service, you can get special, individual service catered to your and your pet's requirements.

★ You don't have to worry about your pet mingling with other animals and contracting illnesses, which is what usually happens with pets boarded out in kennels.
★ Your pet does not have to suffer the stress of traveling to a new place and staying with strangers. The service can send the minder over to your place so your pet remains in familiar surroundings.
★ You don't have to worry about your pet becoming bored in your absence, and chewing up your precious furniture and rugs or soiling all over the house.

★ Your pet gets thorough grooming as per the breed requirements. Not only will it look good and feel better, you won't be coming home to a smelly animal.
★ Your pet can continue with its usual feeding and exercise schedule. You can specify the duration and length of the walk and the area where you'd prefer your pet to be walked. If you have more than two pets, some services may offer you a concession for walking them. If you want your dogs walked for longer than the usual duration, you will be charged extra.

A Few Tips

★ The service you choose should be professional and businesslike.

★ They should have a brochure or other written literature clearly stating the services they offer and their fees.

★ They should be able to provide references.

★ They should be polite and well-mannered and answer all your queries suitably.
★ They should like animals and know how to work well with them.

★ They should show an interest in knowing more about your pet.

★ They have contacts with a competent veterinarian and must know enough First Aid in case your pet is suddenly taken ill.
Make sure you inform them of everything important in regard with your pet. Give them an idea of your pet's likes, dislikes or foibles. If your pet has any special medical requirements or any behavior problems, the pet care service should be informed about it. You don't want your pet taking ill or even attacking the pet service people.
It is a good idea to book your pet care service well in advance of your plans, especially if you are going away. That way, you can make sure they will take proper care of it in your absence, and the service people too will have the chance to understand your requirements and get acquainted with your pet.