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Oscar Fish Food

Scholasticus K Oct 4, 2018
The Oscar fish, which is scientifically known as the 'astronotus ocellatus', is a freshwater fish of South America. The Oscar fish food includes worms, insects, or flake food and food pellets that are available at most aquarium shops.
The Oscar fish is found in the Amazon and the water bodies around the river. Its ability to recognize and respond to its owner, has made it a very popular pet.It is often observed by the pet store owners that this fish is returned to the pet store more often than any other.
This is due to the fact that it lives on a healthy diet, and it has a tendency to grow at an alarming rate. The second draw back is that it also becomes violent in rather congested places. It can grow up to 40 cm in length and can also weigh about 3 pounds.

Feeding Habits

What makes the fish unique and famous is its inclination towards versatile food. One of the unique patterns of food consumption that it tends to display is that it needs a different eatable every day, which is very parallel to the human feeding habit.
The second specialty regarding the food is its demand for vitamin C. The lack and deficiency of vitamin C can prove fatal. Hence, the best food should have a very good quantity of vitamin C in it.

Live Food

Oscar fish is said to be very closely related to the infamous Piranha, due to its attraction towards live food. Some of these include live insects such as worms, crickets, and other insects that thrive in the water.
Some of the other insects that it is particularly fond of are flies and grasshoppers. In the wild, its diet includes sedentary catfish and other varieties such as, bunocephalus, rineloricaria, and ochmacanthus.
Oscar fish food also includes crayfish, feeder goldfish, and also rosy reds. Apart from that, owners also feed them a huge variety of worms and insects. The key to keep the captive Oscar happy is to give it the best possible variety of fish and insects as feed.

Manufactured Food

Flakes and pellets are good options, which are available in almost any pet shop and most super markets. Oscar fish owners always recommend tetra cichlid large flakes as one of the best options.
Depending on the size of the fish, you may also consider feeding it floating pellets. The floating pellets are available in various sizes and forms. A treat that would remind any Oscar of its native place is frozen bloodworms, which are actually red mosquito larvae. Sounds disgusting, but is loved by the Oscar!
The best way to feed your Oscar fish is to feed it a combination of different fish foods. Most owners suggest a meal of one type of 'live' and one type of manufactured food. Experts from the field of Ichthyology (the study of fish) comment that, this fish is the happiest in a reasonably large space and with a large and versatile diet.