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Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Netherland dwarf rabbits are an all time favorite as compared to all the other breeds of rabbits. They are the tiniest, the gentlest, and the best to keep as pets. Learn more interesting facts about these cuddly creatures here...
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2018
Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are the most adorable as well as the most widely demanded domestic rabbits in the world. People love to keep them as pets because of their extra small size and friendly behavior. They are exceedingly tiny and usually weigh less than 3.5 lbs.
Pair of Baby Bunny Rabbits
Nonetheless, the peculiar aspect about these bunnies is that they have these babyish faces, which remain the same even after they have grown into adults. Let us learn some interesting facts about these amazingly cute rabbits.
Evolution of the Dwarf Rabbit
★ These rabbits were created in the Netherlands, after tiny Polish rabbits were made to crossbreed with even smaller wild rabbits. This rabbit is not a naturally evolved species, but has been genetically modified by man.

★ It was only during the 1960s did the US open its doors for the dwarf rabbit, which was then made a part of breeding and exhibitions.
★ The first notes of origin of these dwarf rabbits goes back to the late 1880s in England, where these rabbits were first used as show rabbits, for exhibitions and for keeping as exotic pets.

★ There are several types of dwarf rabbits which come in a variety of colors, and have many subspecies to them.
★ The initial few batches of cross breed dwarf rabbits were extremely volatile, aggressive and scared of human contact. However, years of selective breeding has made them extremely genial, gentle, loving, and comfortable.

★ The average Netherland dwarf rabbits life span extends to about a good 7-10 years, while some have lived until they were 11-13 years old!
Food and Health Habits
★ These rabbits have extremely sensitive digestive systems, which is one thing that many pet owners fail to realize until several health problems begin to crop up.

★ While selecting a brand of pellets for rabbits, make sure to go in for a brand which has more amounts of fiber in it as compared to proteins and fats.
★ These rabbits must be fed fresh pellet food. It is very important that the pellets are not older than 8 weeks, after which they become unsuitable for consumption.
Moose The Bunny Cleans His Feet
Stale pellets can cause serious health conditions in the rabbit, such as vomiting and diarrhea.
★ Do not switch the rabbit's pellets suddenly as this could upset its appetite and health. Instead switch the pellets over a gradual course of time by mixing the older brand with the new one in equal proportions. If the new pellets seem to be doing no harm to the rabbit, you may continue with the new brand.
★ You will need to keep a check on the rabbit's behavior as well as the state of its feces, and see if it's normal or not. If the stool is loose or abnormal, you must discontinue the new pellets.

★ Try giving pellets only once a day, while during other times you must feed it fresh vegetables, excluding cabbage, which seems to be unfavorable to their health.
★ It is also important not to over feed this species of rabbits, as they have a very small appetite. The maximum daily intake of pellets must not exceed 2-3 oz a day.

★ It is very important that they are provided fresh and clean water. Always keep the rabbit's water bowl and cage sanitized so that it doesn't fall because of drinking contaminated water.
★ They love eating hay because of its rich fiber content. Therefore, add these to their diet. The hay cubes are easier to feed upon and are less likely to be turned into a mess by the rabbit.

★ Often times these rabbits consume bits of their own excreta. There is nothing dangerous about this act, because they derive essential nutrients from it.
Netherland dwarf rabbit
There is no need to worry looking after the fur of these rabbits. They are constantly grooming themselves, which helps them to stay cool; it removes the dead hair and prevents hairballs. You might need to give it a nice little grooming session during winters, when they shed the maximum.
As far as looking after the fur of these rabbits is concerned, you need not worry. They are constantly grooming themselves, which helps them to stay cool; it removes the dead hair and prevents hairballs. However you might need to give it a nice little grooming session during winters, as that is when they shed the maximum.
These rabbits must not be given a bath often; instead simply wiping the soiled area of the fur would be sufficient to help get them cleaned. Nonetheless, if your rabbit has been stinking too much lately, there are rabbit shampoos available at pet stores which can be used.
While choosing the Netherland dwarf rabbit, go in for a purebred. There are innumerable choices offered where purebred rabbits are concerned. Just remember to look after its health and make sure that it has plenty of space to play and hop around. They are very active and need a lot of exercise, so you must take time out to play and interact with your pet.