Litter Box Reviews

Litter box are soon becoming the 'must have' pet accessories for pet owners. You can find some really amazing and well designed pieces in this section. If you are planning to purchase one, here are the reviews of top litter boxes to be checked out.
PetPonder Staff
When you have pets in your house, getting in a litter box can be a good idea. Though many pet owners prefer taking their dog or cat outside for potty, having a litter box in your house is a good idea. Use of litter box is the latest trend that many families owning pets follow. With the increasing popularity of these ready-made private spaces for pets, you can find a number of designs in the same. Today you can also find advanced models in these, which offer automatic, self cleaning and many more such options which ensure that your house remains clean and breathable. Well, here are best cat and dog litter box reviews to help you choose a good piece for your pet.
Brands to Choose From
Top Entry Litter Box from Clevercat
If you are looking for dog proof litter boxes then this is one of the best options to checkout. This is a top entry litter box which helps keep your dog from getting inside the private space of your cat. The box is made of good quality and heavy duty plastic and has a round opening that has a 9 inch diameter in the built-in tracking mat which is basically a flat removable lit.
Roll' N Clean Litter Box from Omega Paw
Checkout the self-cleaning litter box and you are sure to find this product from Omega Paw in the list. This is a litter box that cleans by itself and with the grill installed inside the box scooping out the clumped waste. This waste is depositing in a tray which is a 'pull-out' type of tray. You can remove this tray and dispose off the waste. What's more you can pick one of the two sizes available in this Roll' N Clean litter box.
Calico Package from CatGenie
CatGenie has a range of cat litter boxes which are known to be the world's only self cleaning and self-flushing litter boxes. These are top of the line products which you would love to invest in after looking at its features and specifications. The Calcio Package from this range comes with a number of accessories which will ensure that you don't need to buy anything for this litter box for the next six months. Moreover this is not a fully covered cat litter box and makes a perfect pick for those cats who hate entering the covered litter boxes. You get 3 Fresh Scent SaniSolution cartridges, 1 SuperClean maintenance cartridge, 2 boxes of washable granules, 1 set of SideWalls and 1 CatGenie 120 self-washing cat box in the package.
Rascal Dog Litter Box "BIG SQUIRT"
A durable and easy to clean box from rascal offers the best indoor potty solution for your favorite pet. You can install the machine washable grass pad in this box which is secured from all sides of the box so that it does not slide off. With a low entrance and 6 inch high side walls, this litter box is a perfect pick for your dog.
Litter-Robot II from Litter Robot
If you browse through automatic reviews of litter box , you are sure to come across this amazing product from Litter Robot. A self-cleaning litter box that frees you from the job of scooping litter out of the box again and again. The large size waste drawer holds waste of many days allowing you to enjoy your long vacations and does not add another task to your busy schedule. This is reliable and low maintenance which you can empty once in a week. Well, emptying does not mean dirtying your hands, all you need to do is grab the garbage bag inside this box, throw it away and install a new one. The waste drawer being designed to prevent mold growth, you are not going to experience bad odor.
Apart from the aforementioned products you can check out many other top-rated products in the segment of dog and cat litter box. Its furniture is also one of the latest trends in this section which offers a space to place one and keeps it hidden so that you can place it just anywhere in your interiors. Make sure that you consider factors like pet size, material, quality, and warranty while buying a piece. All the best!