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How to Set Up a Fish Tank

Bhakti Satalkar May 13, 2019
Have you been wanting to have fish as your pets, but do not know how to go about creating the perfect environment for them? Here is the answer...
If you plan to keep pet fish at home, it is suggested you read up on setting up the perfect fish tank, so that you do not make any mistakes while creating a home for the latest addition to your family.

Setting Up a Fish Tank?

Here are the steps to structure a fish tank

∎ Before you go out shopping to buy the material required to set up a fish tank, it is important that you check the types of fish you can and cannot keep in your fish tank.
This is an important step as different kinds of fish require different care and a different type of setup. In case you buy your aquarium material before you decide this, the material can become inappropriate for your fish.
∎ Once the types of fish have been decided, you can work on the size of your fish tank. You need to study about the size these fish can grow to, so that you are in a better position to buy your fish tank. You will also have to take the space you have at home into consideration when you buy the tank.
∎ For the equipment required to install an aquarium, visit a pet shop close to your home, so that you can decide on your budget. Once everything has been decided upon, buy the equipment and the tank.
∎ Now is the crucial point. You will have to set up your tank according to the fish you are going to buy. Start by cleaning the fish tank and its paraphernalia. Do not use soap to wash your fish tank, as the soap can pose a threat to the fish.
It is advisable to check the fish tank for any leaks first, and also at the time of installing it. Fill the tank with water completely. Keep it for 24 hours and check if you come across any leaks.
∎ If there are no leakages, set up the equipment in your tank. Before you actually get the fish let the tank work for a few days, so that you know if the equipment is functioning properly, especially the filtration plant.
∎ You can also choose to have fresh plants inside the aquarium.
∎ Now go ahead and buy your pet fish. It is advisable to buy inexpensive fish if you are a novice. The ideal ratio to have in mind while keeping fish is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. So depending on the size of your tank decide the number of fish you want to buy. Initially buy two or three fish, you can add new fish to your aquarium after 10-15 days.
∎ The water in the fish tank should be recycled every 6-8 weeks. You will have to be very patient while changing the water.
∎ Maintain your tank diligently. It is advisable to feed your fish twice a day, however, remember not to overfeed your pets. In case of any remnants of food left over after your feeding the fish, remove it. Do not let it settle in the tank itself.
∎ It is advisable to change 15-20% of the water in the tank every week. You can even scrub the tank for the removal of algae that grows in it over time. Do not add chlorinated water to your tank, as fish do not take well to chlorinated water. You will have to add a dechlorinator to the tank before you fill it up.

How to Set Up a Tropical Fish Tank?

For a tropical fish tank you will have to make arrangements for light inside the fish tank. It is not advisable to let direct sunlight in your fish tank. Direct sunlight leads to the growth of algae. Make use of fluorescent lights, as this light is more efficient and less heat is generated due to this light.
You will have to set up heating equipment in the tank and maintain the temperature to 25-30 degree Centigrade. This is the temperature to which tropical fish are accustomed to.
Thus, it is very important to make out the distinction between saltwater fish and freshwater fish in order to arrange the tank properly.