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How to Select the Right Fish Tank

How to Select the Right Fish Tank
If you are planning to set up an aquarium in your home or office, the first step is to choose the right tank. In this article, know more about some simple tips for buying an aquarium.
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Maintaining an aquarium and observing beautiful fish species in them is a wonderful hobby. Before you go shopping for an aquarium, you must be aware of several crucial things to look for, while buying a fish tank. A suitable fish tank for your fish is a crucial step towards holistic fish care because aquariums are the home to these soft marine species. An improper design, uncomfortable size and less capacity of a fish tank causes potential loss to the life and longevity of the fish species living inside them.
Tips on Choosing Appropriate Fish Tanks
Just like we prefer a hygienic, spacious and comfortable house, fish also require tanks that are comfortable enough for them to thrive in. This is especially true, if you are planning to keep many fish in the fish tank. Here are some fundamental points that will help you in selecting the best fish tank.
Basics of an Aquarium
Size, shape and the quality of material used in the construction of the fish tank are some vital parameters you need to consider while buying a good aquarium. In general, following the basics need to be kept in mind while choosing a fish tank.
  • Size: You must decide the number of fish you are going to keep in the fish tank, as that will determine the size of the fish tank. It is good to purchase a fairly large sized aquarium so that some fish of small or a slightly larger size can be easily accommodated in it.
  • Shape: In the recent years, different shapes of fish tanks have become popular but the traditional rectangular fish tank is still the most preferred shape. This is because rectangular tanks easily fit in rooms, are simple to manage and they also allow better water circulation relative to other tanks of varied shapes. Cylindrical, hexagonal, octagonal and cubical fish tanks are also popular amongst experienced hobbyists.
  • Material Used: Mainly, fish tanks are made of glass or acrylic. While glass is inexpensive and scratch resistant, acrylic is better when it comes to strength and durability. Your interior decoration, lifestyle and geographical location can help you decide, if you should buy a glass or an acrylic fish tank. In earthquake prone areas, people prefer acrylic fish tanks.
  • Location: The place in your house, where you'll be keeping the aquarium, must have free space around it for cleaning purpose. It will help you in comfortably cleaning the outside portion of the aquarium. Moreover, you must also have electrical outlet connections nearby, so that you can easily plug in the cord to filter water. Proximity to water sources like an adjacent bathroom also helps during changing water. You don't have to shift the aquarium far or you won't have to carry water to a different room. Most importantly, if heaters or air conditioners are close to the aquarium, it can affect water temperatures in the fish tank leading to poor health of the fish. Take care of these factors without fail.
  • Flooring Weight/Table Strength: The flooring weight capacity and the strength of the base on which the aquarium is to be kept are essential factors in safeguarding the fish tank. If you are doubtful about the flooring weight and the strength of the base of your table or fish tank stand, seek professional advice. This is generally essential for large and heavy weight aquariums. It is good to buy a fish tank stand along with the aquarium.
Your Budget
Though you must not sacrifice quality of the fish tank due to a low budget, you must make sure that you are choosing fish tanks in the price range that is affordable to you. Along with the fish tank, you will also have some added expenses like, you will be required to buy water filters, decorative aquarium plants and other accessories, in the fish tank. Since there are many essential accessories required for effective fish tank care, you may inquire with an aquarium shop about the most useful ones that are mandatory for you to use in the fish tank.
By going through the above tips, you must have got some basic ideas on how to choose the right fish tank. If you feel you are unable to understand the intricacies of choosing an appropriate fish tank, you must do some research on the Internet, meet aquarium shop owners and consult friends who pursue this hobby. That will surely help you to get the best fish tank, ideally suited for your fish.
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