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How to Make Your Goldfish Live Longer

How to Make Your Goldfish Live Longer
Goldfish are freshwater fish which have been domesticated for years. They are very popular as aquarium fish and come with numerous breeds. If you're willing to bring up this freshwater fish, then learn ways to elongate life of your pet goldfish.
Amruta Gaikwad
Goldfish were the first breed of fish that were domesticated and came to be used as aquarium fish. These are freshwater fish, which belong to the Cyprinidae family. As the fish gained popularity, many different breeds came to be developed.
Gold Fishes
These fish are mainly found in a combination of yellow, orange, white, red, brown and black colors. They live up to 10-25 years, but proper care can increase their lifespan. It is always nice to watch the pet live a long healthy life. Read further to get some useful tips in this matter.
Caring For Your Goldfish
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As mentioned earlier, these are freshwater fish. So it is necessary to provide them with a clean marine environment. If you are a beginner, start with one pair of goldfish. You can either purchase the same or two different breeds.
These fish feel content to live in pairs as being alone can limit their life span. To enhance the longevity of their lives, learn about setting up a tank and maintaining it. Preparing the tank is important before bringing home the fish.
Setting up a Fish Tank
Fish Tank
These fish might look good in a round glass bowl. However, the fact is that less space restricts the fish's growth and even makes it prone to sickness.
Beautiful aquarium with fish in a room
Therefore, no matter what the size of the fish, a tank with sufficient space in it, enables the fish to live a quality life.
The tank must be prepared prior to bringing the fish. This helps in generating bacteria that is required to break down fish waste. After landscaping the tank, fill it with water and fix a filter inside it.
Run the tank for a couple of days to keep it clean from dirt and harmful bacteria. Keep a check on the concentration of ammonia. Ammonia levels in the tank should be up to 4 - 5ppm. Landscaping provides the fish with mental stimulation and generates a comfortable habitat for it.
Cleaning the Tank
Cleaning depends on the number of fish and size of the tank. Bigger the tank less is its maintenance. They eat a lot and produce a lot of waste. Therefore, the tank needs to be cleaned once in two weeks. Placing real plants in the tank can absorb the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and keep the tank clean. Use a dechlorinator to reduce the level of chloramine.
A constant check on the levels of nitrite, nitrate and ammonia is important. A rise in the level of these elements might make the water acidic and poisonous for your fish. Use a vacuum to remove all the dirt from the tank.
Once all the dirt is vacuumed, add some water to the tank. The temperature of the added water must match with that of in the tank. Let the fish be in the tank while adding water to it. Change water partially and also observe the pH level. The average pH level should range between 6.5 - 8.25.
Goldfish feeding time and enjoy favorite food
They have the tendency to feed on all types of food. However, overeating can restrict their lifespan and cause them to die.
Therefore, the fish owner must continuously keep a check on the amount of food consumed by the fish. Feeding them twice in a day is sufficient and will also keep them healthy.
In case there is some amount of food floating on the water, immediately remove it. Fish food gets soaked in water and sinks to the bottom of the tank. This makes the water dirty and reduces oxygen too. Hence, the owner must wait till the fish finishes eating the food that is already been given to it.
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Following the given steps and abiding by them can help your fish survive for a longer period of time. Select a safe place for the tank, so as to avoid it from external damage. Right feeding and punctual cleaning can keep the environment of your fish healthy and also help it live for years.