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Extremely Easy Instructions on How to Make a Guinea Pig Cage

How to Make a Guinea Pig Cage
If you have guinea pigs as pets, then you need to provide them with a comfortable living space in which they can move around freely. Through this article let us learn to build a pen for you pet guinea pig, using some available materials...
Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: Jul 16, 2017
It is a sure delight to keep guinea pigs as a pet. These small creatures are simply adorable and also quite gentle in their demeanor. When it comes to pets, guinea pigs are favorites among kids of every age group. The best thing about these animals is that they can be kept indoors and providing with a comfortable environment should be a priority. You can keep them in cages that are custom-made at home using some of the easily available materials. By making the cage, you can provide your pet with a guinea pig habitat or living space. Inside the cage or pen, as it is known, you should also provide bedding and feeding bowls for the guinea pig.
Instructions to Build a Guinea Pig Cage
In order to keep pet guinea pigs at home you need to build them a cage, so that they don't loiter around and come in anyone's path. Many pet accessories stores sell cages in varied sizes where guinea pigs can be kept, which can be quite expensive. However, you can also rear guinea pigs in cages built at home. Before making the pen, make sure that the cage has ample space for the guinea pig to move around. A cage which measures 30 by 36 inch or more is appropriate for an adult guinea pig.
  • You can make a guinea pig cage out of easily available materials like wooden plywood. This raw material is easily available in hardware stores. Guinea pig cages can also be designed out of cubes and coroplast.
  • Determine the place (or room) where you would like to keep your pet guinea pig. If you are planning to keep it in your kid's bedroom, then allot a corner where you can place the cage. Once you have chalked out the plan for the placement of the cage, decide on the material for the cage.
  • You can build a pen out of plywood. Take appropriate measurements of the plywood, according to your requirement. Secure the planks together using nails and shape it as pen. The floor can be covered with soft bedding and the pen must have a set of bowls, for water and food.
  • Cages can also be built of cubes and coroplast. The cube grids need to be connected to form the floor, ceiling and side walls of the cage. Use zip ties to secure grids to each other so that they do not fall off. With the help of a wire cutter, trim the ends of the zip ties hanging loose.
  • After measuring the floor of the cage, cut a sheet of coroplast to form a tray in the bottom of the cage. Using a drop of silicone on each of the corners, secure the sheet to maintain the shape of the tray. Allow the tray to stand for sometime till the silicone dries.
  • Now lift the tray carefully and place it in the grid cage and using zip ties secure it into place. Fasten a few zip ties together to create a door for the cage and attach it. Place a wooden board to make sure the bedding is secure and won't fall out from the cage.
  • You can fix the cage door with the help of a bolt snap. Once you are done with the task, make sure there are no remnants of the zip tie or bolt snaps in the cage, lest they may hurt your pet. Also make sure that the grid does not have very tiny gaps where the nose or leg of the guinea pig may get stuck.
Make sure that the guinea pig is comfortable in his new abode. So go ahead and decorate a beautiful piggy house for your pet.