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Home Remedies for Ear Mites

One of the most annoying and painful conditions faced by most pets is the one caused by ear mites. A few helpful home remedies to deal with ear mites have been presented in this article.
Rajib Singha
The most common of ear mites species is known to be the Otodectes cynot, and these mites can live anywhere on the animal's body. These parasites are extremely contagious and can easily be transmitted from one animal to another. An ear mites infested animal may be noticed to scratch around his ears, and this may become continuous if the infestation is severe.
The animal might also shake his head with an intention to get rid of the tiny crawling parasites from his ears. These are generally the early symptoms of ear mites infection that you may notice in your pets. Later, you might also observe that the ears of your pet have become flattened or laid back.
Your pet may give out a mournful cry, if you try to touch his ears or when he is trying to scratch them. A foul odor from the ears is also a common symptom of this infection in pets.
With increased irritation and itching, your pets might scratch the affected areas more aggressively, and as a result the ear canals may bleed, and fresh or dried blood may be visible inside the ear canals.
A closer look at the ear canals will enable you to observe some dark reddish brown or black debris throughout the ear canal. These get formed as a result of accumulation of blood and earwax, and ear mites can be clearly seen as white dots among these debris. Your pet will undergo dreadful and painful symptoms when hit by an ear mites infection.
Getting Rid of Ear Mites
★ Prepare a mix of 1 part of white vinegar and 2 parts of water, and drop the solution in each of the ears of your pet. Massage the area around the ear thoroughly, and gently wipe the inside of the ear canal using a cotton ball. The acidity of vinegar helps in getting rid of the debris, and also maintains a healthy equilibrium within the ears.
★ One more home remedy is the use a mixture of almond or olive oil with Vitamin E. Mix ½ ounce of the oil with vitamin E and using a dropper, put the solution in the ears. Let your pet shake his head, and then you can clean the openings of the ear using cotton swabs.
This mixture eliminates the ear mites and helps in the healing process of the affected ears. Repeat this for a period of 6 days, applying every other day.
★ Mineral oil also helps in treating ear mite infestation by dissolving the earwax and eliminating ear mites. Apply the oil with an eye dropper to each ear, and massage it on the areas around the ears. Let the pet shake the oil out of its ears and thereafter, use a cotton swab to wipe the ears.
★ Massage the infected parts of the ear with corn oil using a cotton ball. Repeat the treatment for three days. Corn oil helps in soothing the skin, killing the mites, and speeding the healing process.
★ You can help your pet get rid of these parasites by using a mixture of oregano oil (½ tsp.) and olive oil (½ oz.). Let the mix stand for 48 hours, and strand it using a cloth. Use an eyedropper to insert the liquid into the ears two times a day. Further, solution of yellow dock root extract and water is also effective in treating the problem of ear mites.
These home remedies, in most cases, are helpful in getting rid of ear mites. However, if the symptoms persist, then make no delay in showing your pet to a vet. He/she may prescribe certain medications which might ensure a quick cure for your pet. Besides, you can also get his valuable advice regarding the use these remedies.