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Hexagon Fish Tank

You can find different shapes of fish tanks in the market among which hexagon fish tank is one of the most loved shapes. But is this shape safe for the fish? Let's find out more about this type of fish tank and its effect on fish.
PetPonder Staff
As the name suggests, fish tank which is hexagonal is shape is known as hexagon fish tank. They look beautiful and can be kept at any corner or even in the middle of the room for decoration. They can be made more beautiful with the help of lights and colorful stones and plants.
You can also get a designer hexagon aquarium with stand or a tower shape aquarium which can be placed as a beautiful pillar. These tanks are really very decorative. Some even come with fish tank hood. This hood helps to keep the aquarium away from dirt and infections. You can get a variety of hoods and lids for your fish tank. This type of aquarium is very good for small fish as they get a wide surface to roam about but at the same time these aquariums are considered very bad for big fish.
Is Hexagon Tank Good for Fish?
Hexagon fish aquariums are very beautiful and decorative but the fact is, they are not good for fish. However, there is no proof about this fact. Hence, some people say it is good and some say it isn't. The reason behind this concept is that the fish are made for sea, oceans and rivers. They love to swim and hence require space to do that. In a rectangular aquarium the fish gets enough space to go back and forth. This gives them a feeling of a normal habitat but in case of hexagon aquarium the fish go round and round and are not able to get a wide space for swimming. This may result in ill health and even death to some aquarium fish. Hence it is said that this type of aquarium is not good for fish.
On the other hand there are many people who think that, may be hexagon aquariums are not good for big fish but they are good for small ones. Small fish can swim and can utilize the entire surface area for a bigger and enjoyable swim. Apart from this fact, the second most important thing is hexagonal fish tanks are made up of acrylic. Acrylic aquariums are unbreakable and do not require much maintenance. The most important factor in this is the temperature. Acrylic aquariums are easy to maintain the temperature as compared to the glass ones. So by this we can say that if you want to keep a hexagonal tank then it is better to have small fish and that too less in number.
You have to take care of the hexagon fish tank dimensions and size according to the fish you want to keep. Select an appropriate place to set the aquarium. The place should be near a power outlet but away from sun and from the places which can fluctuate the temperature. Get information about various hexagonal tank sizes and then decide about the fish. Do not make the tank crowded as this will give less place to the fish to swim. Keep an eye on aquarium maintenance and the health of your fish.