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Hamster Names for Pairs

Hamster Names for Pairs

Are you searching for sweet and cuddly hamster names for pairs? If yes, then you've come to the right place. Read the following article and find some unbelievably cute names for your hamsters...
Sheetal Mandora
Hamsters are cute; plain and simple. Whenever I look at a hamster in a pet store, or even a picture for that matter, I can't help but get all mushy over them. I guess that's what their charm is. And I think it all comes from their eyes; they are the culprits. Their sweet, innocent, and adorable faces make us want to cuddle them all day long. No wonder kids have and are still looking for hamsters as pets. Plus, when you have a pair of hamsters, your love for them increases tenfold. Keeping that in mind, what's the first thing you do when get a pair of hamsters (or any other pet for that matter)? That's right; you give them a name. And since you're searching for hamster names for pairs, I'm going to a wild guess that you've brought two hamsters home. And now, you want names for the two of them.
Many pet owners like to give names for pairs that rhyme. It actually makes sense, right? I mean, since you have a pair, you might as well give them names that sound similar. To tell you the truth, you can actually make any rhyming sounds and find interesting names for your hamsters (or any pets). But we want to be creative with their names, don't we? So, to get your pair of cuteness some adorable names, take a look at the table below.
Names for Pet Hamsters
Even though there are different types of hamsters, naming these snugly and kissable munchkins is really fun when you have the right name and meaning to them. The only difference will be finding names according to their gender (or even color, but then you won't find that many names to choose from with only color). So, we'll stick to the gender names and find you some cute hamster names for the pair.
Male-Male Names
Stinky Winky
Tyler Skyler
Jinx Binx
Jaq-Jaq Jump-Jump
McNugget McChicken
Momo Bobo
Howdie Rowdie
Tintin Munchkin
Speedy Greedy
Mustache Beard

Female-Male Names
Zulu Lulu
Manny Lilee
Martini Cosmo
Munchkin Pumpkin
Momo Mimi
Noo-Noo Noodles
Sisyphus Sassie
Bam-Bam Pebbles
Cheeko Cheeks
Speedy Dee-Dee

Female-Female Names
Missy Dissy
Sniffles Tickles
Bitter Glitter
Cinnamon Cinnabon
Sugar Booger
Layla Cayla
Milky Silky
Lufu Fufu
Classy Sassy
Snowball Puffball
Famous Names for Pet Hamsters
Besides the names we've mentioned above, you can also give them famous couples' names or even cartoon characters' names. Would you like us to give you some suggestions? Take a look at the list below.
Couple Names
Bonny Clyde
Hansel Gretel
Brutus Portia
Adam Eve
Benji Joel
Mary Kate Ashley
Han Solo Princess Leia
Joey Chandler
Alexander Cleopatra
Abercrombie Fitch

Cartoon Names
Aladdin Jasmine
Jane Tarzan
Peter Pan Tinker Bell
Homer Marge
Peter Pan Wendy
Cinderella Snow White
Santa Claus Mrs. Claus
Shrek Fiona
Batman Cat Woman
Superman Wonder Woman

And with these names suggested above, we come to an end of the article. I hope that you found interesting names for your pet hamsters. The main thing is, you want to know the sex of the hamsters you have and then go accordingly. This way, you can get a jumpstart on hamster names for the pair. You can either choose names from this article or get inspired with more adorable names. And when you do choose a name, do let me know what you finally decided. I would love to know what names you came up with.