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Incredibly Comfortable Bedding Options for Your Pet Guinea Pig

Amruta Gaikwad May 10, 2019
There are many bedding options available to keep your guinea pig comfortable. Here, we will take a look at different beddings for these pets and how they are suitable for them. Keep reading.
Guinea pigs are rodents that descent from caviesspecies. They are less agile but can jump small obstacles. Therefore, it is safe to keep them in big enclosed cages, to prevent them from escaping.
Every pet requires a comfortable bedding to rest. If you have these rodents as your pet, there is a wide variety of beddings for them.
No matter which bedding you choose, it is essential that your pet is happy and comfortable. There are certain bedding options that could pose a risk to your pet's health, but that can be avoided if cleanliness is maintained. Here we give you some alternatives to choose from.


Paper acts as a great absorbent and even keeps the place warm. Another advantage of this bedding option is that it provides warmth and comfort to your pet.
Even if your pet makes a mess, paper can easily be replaced by fresh papers. You could use old newspapers as a bedding for your pets. Instead of giving away a bunch of these, use them as bedding materials. This type of bedding helps in keeping the house clean and also you can roll up the entire paper and dispose it off in the bin.


Even hay provides proper cushion if used as a base in the cage. Adequate amount of hay also provides great cushioning and make living comfortable for your pet. Before setting up hay for your pets, make sure it is clean and is completely dry. They love playing around and making burrows in the hay.
It is also a good source of food for them. Hay needs to be cleaned if it gets too dirty. Therefore, it is convenient to store some hay at home rather than always going looking for it when the used hay needs to be cleaned. Always use fresh hay to prevent your pet from any sort of health problem.


Shavings or sawdust are a kind of bedding that can be used. But it is not a recommended option because it might cause discomfort to your pet.
If you have to use shavings for bedding purposes, see that they are clean and free of dust. Sometimes, unclean shavings may cause respiratory problems for the pet. So, to ensure proper health of your pet, select good quality shavings.


This is the most cost-effective form of bedding for the pet. The surface of the fleece always remains dry due to its absorbent layer. Purchase a polyester fleece and set it in the cage. Once it gets too dirty then you can simply take it out and put it for a wash.
Sometimes after the first wash the fleece may shrink. So, always set up fleece which is larger in dimensions. Fleece is soft and can be reused.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are durable and even reasonable. They act as good absorbents and even reduce the bad the smell.
However, while setting up wood pellets make sure that they are dry as they turn into sawdust when they get damp. Cover the wood pellets with shavings so that it is easier for the pet to move around.
These creatures require less maintenance, but a comfortable bedding is the least that the owner can do for its pet. It is preferred that you keep these pets in pairs, as single ones often get bored and might become emotionally unstable. These large rodents love to chew and bite their bedding.
Therefore, the owner has to be careful in selecting the right bedding materials, so as to not cause any harm to the pets' health. Adequate amount of food and a comfortable bedding will keep your pet happy.