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Goldfish Names

Goldfish Names

Many people have christened their goldfish with unique names, as names add character and identity. The names also personify our pets and help us connect with them emotionally. This article shares some insights about names you can use for goldfish.
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Japanese Goldfish
None of us get a chance to choose the name we like for ourselves. However, we do get a chance to name the younger ones in our family, and our beloved pets are none less than a family member. Everyone wants to have a unique name for their pets, but coming up with some catchy names is not as easy as it sounds. People put in a lot of thought before naming their pets, be it a dog, cat, or a fish. The goldfish is a popular and common pet in many household fish tanks and aquariums, and some people call their goldfish with unusual names.
Good Names
There are many types of goldfish that vary in their color and come in various sizes and shapes. Most people give them names according to their external appearance and color. Common goldfish come in various colors such as red, orange, yellow, black, and white. Some people name their goldfish Goldie, Blackie, or White beauty for obvious reasons. Here is a list of some more popular names that can suit any goldfish type.
Fire Citrus Flash Garfield
Sunshine Shiny Sunny Google
Bubbles Googlies Bubo Bubbly
Barbie Bubo Sparkle Spark
Lovely Skipper Comet Goldilocks
Chocolate Nancy Floss Lolly
Bob Happy Joy Sugar
Abe Finny Fin Bonito
Abelard Hottie Crispy Angel
Achilles Taco Tabasco Tango
Zac Zara Xander Kali
Fancy Fara Aquarious Splash
Fizz Sprite Demi Doodle
Swayer Velvet Fondue Cairo

Some people who really want distinguished goldfish names can go for foreign names such as Naranja, which means orange in Spanish. You can also try giving names of your favorite persons, be it actors, pop stars, or authors. There are people who have named their goldfish MJ, Elvis, Miley, Hannah, Agatha, Dan, etc. Such names would provide you with a sense of belonging and would keep you emotionally connected to your pets.
Funny Names
There are many people who give their pets funny names inspired by some TV programs, cartoons, books, or movies. The other fun way to name your goldfish is to name it the opposite of its features or give the name of some food item. If you want your fish to look intelligent, then use some science and math related terms.
Nemo Wanda Dorothy Willy
Dory Ariel Calculus Moby
Shark Octopus Seal Jaws
Moo Xin chu Sushi Tuna
Creamy Toffee Maggy Brownie
Pumpkin Cocktail Yahoo Ouch
Alpha Beta Gama Delta
Angle Fahrenheit Degree Calorie
Theorem Celsius Ampere Frequency
Satellite Rocket Cheeky Zorro
Santa Loyola Mischief Bacardi
Jelly Wiggle Yoshi Bingo
Niko Toshi Puffy Ruby
London Jet Cookie Panda

One of the other sure way to get a funny name for your goldfish is to consider human names such as Jimmy, Tedd, John, Joana, Robert, Denis, David, Kylie, Jennifer, Robin, Chris, etc. If you have two fish, then you can name them Abra and Dabra, Tinny and Winny, Dimple and Simple, Lilly and Silly, Wilson and Nelson, etc. If you have three fish, then you can name them Tom, Dick, and Harry, or Ed, Edd, and Eddy etc. And lastly, if you are really feeling lazy to think about other new names, then you can simply call your goldfish fishy, fishtail, or fisher.
It is always a great fun to find some good or funny names for your goldfish and other aquarium fish. You can use and explore all your creativity and come up with unique names, and anyway, the fish is not going to come out and bite you even if you name it something funny. So go ahead and have fun.