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Keep Them Together So They Last Longer - Life Span of Gerbils

Gerbils Life Span
Gerbils are the cute, funny little creatures your kids would love to have as pets. Read on to know more on its life span and other interesting facts.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Pets indeed fill our lives with happiness and selfless love. Some pets like dogs and cats become so attached to the family members that they become one of them. Kids particularly are crazy about pets and often perceive them as playmates. Although, all of us would love to have larger pets in our house, not everyone can handle the responsibilities that come with these pets. Often, space limitations dampen our spirit to adopt pets like cats and dogs. However, you need not have to look at the disappointed faces of your kids, just because you can't have a pet in your house. Small animals and rodents like mice, gerbils and hamsters can be your perfect pets if you have them in your house. Even your kids would enjoy the company of these funny little creatures. Gerbils as pets are particularly interesting due to their gentle, fun loving nature. Before knowing what is the life span of a gerbil, let us explore some fun facts about it.
Gerbils Facts
Gerbils are furry little creatures with a long tail that has a tuft of fur at the end. Their average size is about 4 inches and has an equally long tail. They are found in range of colors with yellow, brown and gray being the most popular ones. Selective breeding can allow you to have them in many lovely colors. They are extremely social animals and have an agreeable temperament. Instead of taming a single gerbil, it is recommended that you tame a pair of same-sex gerbils. Gerbils from the same litter usually bond very well. It is best to tame them from a very young age itself, as they become quite territorial upon growing up. A gerbil cage or an aquarium set up makes for an ideal habitat for gerbils. They are very active during the day and take a great deal of interest in their surroundings. They respond well to human handling and often entertain them with their funny antics. They are extremely low on maintenance as they require feeding of seeds and grains every 2-3 days only. They do not stink and their habitat does not require frequent cleaning. Moreover, they do not cost you a fortune in terms of vet bills. They only become violent and bite when they fear for their life, else they are extremely peace loving animals.
Gerbils Life Span
Just like other rodents, gerbils life expectancy is small. They live for about 2 to 5 years on an average. However, some may live for about 8 years, but this is extremely rare. Gestation period is about 24 days. They can be weaned by the age of 2 to 3 weeks. They attain a sexual maturity at the age of 5 weeks. Gerbils life cycle comes to an end by the age of 2 - 3 years. Their life span considerably depends upon the care taken by its owners as well as the habitat offered to them. They tend to live for long in the company of other gerbils. Lone gerbils live a shorter life and spend most of their lifetime in a reclusive state. They are at their liveliest best when they live with a same-sex mate. Certain diseases like Tyzzer's disease can be very harmful for the life of a gerbil. If your gerbil suddenly becomes inactive and shows a lackluster behavior, it could be an indication that something is wrong with it. In that case you should take it to small animal's vet.
Although, life span of a gerbil is comparatively smaller than other pets, it does give you immense joy and pleasure, akin to other animals, during its lifetime. Thus, it could be your perfect gift for your kid on her birthday!
Cute Group Of Gerbils