Fish Tanks for Kids

Priya Johnson Oct 6, 2018
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The stores are full of fish tanks for kids to choose from. From the fancy commercial tanks to the simple ones, all are available at pet stores. However, choosing one fish tank can be quite confusing.
Owning a fish tank with wonderful fishes swimming around, can be one of the most thrilling experiences for a kid. They love the feeling of being responsible and taking care of a pet. Certain studies have revealed that watching fish swim has an exceptionally calming effect on the mind.
It also stated that children with aquariums are seen to have lower anxiety levels. Setting up a fish tank is a task of responsibility and requires quite a bit of research to be carried out. Right from choosing the right tank to decorating it and buying the right fish, all takes quite a bit of study.

Fish Tanks for Kids


Aquariums require greater amount of maintenance than the larger ones and are not suited for kids. Kids should be given smaller fish bowls for convenience sake. If you still want to opt for a fish tank, go for the 20 gallon tank.
However, if you feel a 20 gallon tank is really very big for your kid's bedroom, then go for a 10 gallon tank. However, don't go for a smaller one, although there are plastic fish bowls available in pet stores. Most of the commercially available fish tanks come in different sizes. Choose the one which is more than 10 gallons.
Of the commercial ones, the best fish tanks for kids would be the Biorb fish tanks, which are designed in such a manner that combines the traditional fish bowl look with the performance of a hi-tech, built-in filtration aquarium. These fish bowls feature an easy to change filtration system, wherein the maintenance efforts are least.
It only requires regular water changing and exchanging filter cartridges every 6 weeks. Moreover, these tanks have 360 degree viewing surfaces, due to their unique spherical designs. Then there are the other fish tank kits that require you to only add water and fish to the tank to have the aquarium ready.


The combination of glass, water and electricity is not a very safe option for children, thus, getting warm aquariums are not optimal solutions. As far as safety is concerned, plastic fish bowls without heaters or any electrical devices is preferred.
The acrylic fish tanks are good because they not only weigh less than glass and do not break, but also do not distort the view for the onlooker. They can easily withstand random bumps. However, acrylic ones get scratches very easily and are expensive as compared to glass.
Little Michelle from the popular sitcom 'Full house', was also overjoyed to receive her first pet fish. She enjoyed feeding and playing with him by imitating his mouth movements. One day she gave her fish bath in the bathtub, only to kill him. She was devastated.
From this episode, we realize that we need to explain all the guidelines about fish care properly and clearly to kids. Innocent as kids are they may not realize when they end up harming themselves or their fish. So, do not stop at teaching your child how to feed the fish, but also explain to them what are the different things that can harm their pet fish.
Selecting fish tanks for kids can be a truly interesting experience. Buy books on fish care and spend time teaching your kids about the natural environment of a fish, their feeding habits, etc. Moreover, since kids often want colorful decorations and gravel in their tanks, explain to them how comfortable a fish would be in its natural environment.