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Fish Tanks for Beginners

Fish Tanks for Beginners
Do you want to keep a pet fish? Then here are fish tanks for beginners tips and tricks that will help you provide a good environment for your pet fish.
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When it comes to the job of how to set up a fish tank, there are many factors you need to consider. Before we start discussing on guidelines on setting up a fish tank, here is some advice. The top three recommended fish for kids are the fancy guppy, which is most adaptable and can live in various tank conditions. Also, these fish are beautiful looking and very hardy, the males are more colorful and have large tail fins. You can also maintain them in groups.
Other two best fish for kids are the platy and the swordtail fish. They come in different varieties from the salt and pepper ones to the red tail and tuxedo platy. These are active fish, which are easy to care for. The swordtail is called so because it has a sharp looking tail that looks like a sword. These are extremely hardy fish and come in various colors. You can also opt for goldfish, dwarf gourami, cherry barb, white clouds, zebra danios, serpae tetra, gold barb, or bloodfin tetra as your first fish. Whether it comes to cold water fish tanks or saltwater fish tanks, selecting the fish first is the first step in starting a fish tank. So, first select the fish you want to introduce in the tank and then use the marine fish tanks steps mentioned below, to set up a tank.
Setting up a Fish Tank for the First Time
  • Mini fish tanks for kids or beginners are popular. However, most people are not aware that having a smaller fish tank, makes it harder to maintain the water in the tank. Hence, it is advisable to go with a larger 10 gallon size fish tank, if you can.
  • If you are able to buy a 10-12 gallon size tank it is well and good. But, as a beginner if you feel more comfortable going with a mini fish tank, then go with the fish tank size which is a minimum of 5 gallons.
  • You will find the mini fish tank kits at your local pet store. The kit will basically come with a mini aquarium, a lighted hood, a small packet of sample fish pellet food, an undergravel filter and a small air pump. However, you will also need other equipment to set up the aquarium.
  • Using a small filter instead of the undergravel filter is advisable. As a small filter will help to maintain the water and aquarium environment cleaner. You will also need aquarium gravel to create a base and for decoration, small aquarium vacuum to clean the tank, fish food, a small fish net to transfer fish when cleaning the tank and changing the water, a bucket, and a small air pump, if it is not provided in the kit.
  • Having an aquarium water testing kit, is also a good idea as it will help you to check the pH, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia levels of the water. This is a good idea, because in a smaller tank maintaining these fluctuations is more difficult as compared to a large tank.
  • Once you are done with your freshwater or saltwater fish tank set up, wash out the tank properly. Do not use any soap or detergent to clean the tank. As the residue can be harmful for your pet fish's health.
  • Then set up your aquarium and let it stand. This is an important step in setting up a fish tank. Wondering, why? This is because it helps the cycle of nitrogen to start in the water. This helps to maintain the fish better.
  • The last step is to introduce the fish in the aquarium. Add only one or two fish at a time. Then, maintain the food and tank requirements of the fish for fish pet care.
These were the steps involved in setting up tropical fish tanks for novices. So, follow the above steps carefully, for more instructions follow the instructions leaflet you got with the starter fish kit. Good luck!
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