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Dwarf Hamsters' Diet

Dwarf Hamsters' Diet
Dwarf hamsters' diet consists of many other foodstuffs than just the pellets available at the pet store. Keep reading to learn more about it.
Pragya T
Though, dwarf hamsters are smaller than the normal hamsters, there is no considerable difference between their diets. However, one needs to be very careful when treating the dwarf hamsters with any sugar treats as they are sugar-sensitive and can get diabetes easily. Diabetes is a common problem among the Campbell's hamsters, and owners of these hamsters need to especially monitor the amount of sugary food the hamsters eat.
A balanced diet should contain all the primary ingredients which are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, and water. Proteins are necessary for their growth, and are especially required by the younger hamsters and the pregnant mothers. Pet food contains carbs and fats that gives energy and warmth, but should be given in proper amount as overconsumption can lead to bleeding problems and other health problems. A little amount of vitamins and minerals which are found in vegetables, milk, fruits, and grains are appropriate for them. Last but not the least, water should be regularly provided to them. Providing your hamster the right amount of these nutrients will keep your pet dwarf hamster healthy. Here are the different kinds of foods which you can feed your pet hamster.
These provide a balanced diet to your pet hamster and are generally recommended for the pet hamsters. But, can hamsters eat besides the regular hamster food? Yes, providing them regularly with pellets and not feeding your hamster any fresh food or treats can get monotonous and some hamsters might start refusing the pellets. Hence, other foodstuffs along with pellets can not just add variety to their diet, but also your pet will be enjoying a well-balanced diet. When buying the pelleted foods, make sure to tell the pet store guy the breed of dwarf hamster you have. The diet difference between Chinese or Russian or teddy bear hamster is not much, and they will eat the normal hamster food. Except the amount of sugary food needs to be monitored in Campbell dwarf hamsters.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your hamsters' diet will help to provide the essential vitamins and minerals required by the hamsters and thus enrich their diet. Make sure you give fresh fruits and vegetables in moderation, or there is a possibility of diarrhea. Some of the recommended fruits and veggies for pet hamsters are apples without the seeds, broccoli, bananas, potatoes which are cooked, squash, kale, peas, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, blueberries, grapes, romaine lettuce, cucumber, and dandelion greens.
Mixed Seeds
A loose mix diet consisting of grains and dried vegetables along with some types of seeds can be given to your hamsters. However, sometimes the hamster will pick the grains which they like the most and leave the rest of the mix. So, make sure your hamster eats the complete loose mix and doesn't leave any leftovers in the bowl.
Now, that you know about the sugar-sensitivity about these hamsters, try to avoid the sugary treats. Instead give your pet hamster store-bought treats like yogurt drops. Hamsters are omnivorous by nature. So, you can give them bits of meal worms, meat, dog biscuits, boiled eggs, yeast tablets, low sugar cereals, and mixed bird seeds. Feeding them with treats once a week is sufficient.
Make sure you provide them all the nutrients and don't just keep a pelleted monotonous diet. A balanced and mixed diet will maintain a healthy, active, and happy pet. Do not feed your pet dwarf hamster any junk food and avoid foodstuffs like garlic, chocolate, apple seeds, and raw potatoes.