Doves as Pets

Dhanya Joy Oct 6, 2018
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Doves are known to make great pets and are easy to care for as well. There are different types of doves that can be kept as pets. This article lists a few types.
Doves are long-tailed, small birds belonging to the family of passerine birds and are found all over the world.
They are mostly recognized as symbols of peace, love, and purity. They make great pets and display exceptional affection and devotion towards their owners. They are easy to care for and maintain, and they can also be trained easily.
There are different types of doves that can be kept as pets, and each of them differ in their behavior. Before you decide to get one of these beautiful birds, you should gather all the required information about their behavior, care, and maintenance.

White Doves

Commonly seen at weddings and other occasions, are strong fliers; have the ability to return once they are set free. They are expensive versions of the ring-necked doves, but have the same gentle behavior.
To keep them as pets, you will need a well-ventilated aviary or a large cage. Place a few perches and nesting boxes inside the cage. You will also have to provide them with food and water. Their diet should consist of seeds and weeds, and clean water should be made available for them to bathe in.

Diamond Doves

These are small Australian doves that have a gray body and blue-gray feathers. The adults have orange-colored irises. These doves make affectionate pets and need a lot of room to move around.
If you get a pair, it will require a cage which permits indoor flight and has a few perches around. Unlike white doves, these should not be allowed to fly outside as they lack the ability to return home. They can be fed seeds like wheat and millets, and need plenty of water. They are ground feeders, so their food and water should be placed on the ground.

Ringneck Doves

These are the type of doves that are most commonly kept as pets. They are found in various colors like beige, pure white, and pink. The wild ring-necks are brownish-gray in color.
They do not require much space and can be kept in small cages as well. They should be allowed out of the cage at least once in a day, but should not be allowed to fly out of the house. They do not need to be kept in pairs, and some amount of patience will be needed to tame them.
They are ground feeders and can be fed seeds like millets, black sunflower, safflower, peanuts, and corn. Calcium can be provided in the form of cracked oyster shells or eggshells.

Turtle Doves

Turtle doves or ringed turtle doves, available in apricot, gray and white pied colors, requires a lot of space to move about. A cage of 2 cubic feet is required to keep them as pets. Make sure that you place perches and two to three nest boxes in it.
They are ground feeders and their diet should include grit, seeds, water, and oyster shells for calcium. They should be tamed slowly, handled gently, and should not be allowed to wander out of the house.
While raising doves, remember to keep their cage clean and sanitized in order to keep them safe from infections and illnesses. Though they manage on their own, they should not be ignored. Their love and affection should be appreciated and returned.