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Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?

Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?
Can rabbits be domesticated? This is the first question on the minds of people who want keep rabbits as pets for their kids. Rabbits are one of the most popular choices when it comes to pets nowadays, but it's also necessary to know some basic things about them...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Yes, cats and dogs are great options for pets, but today many people are looking at a different option when it comes to keeping a pet. If you ask me, rabbits are a good choice, but most people take a step back when it comes to buying a rabbit. These animals are not difficult to handle, people just don't have enough knowledge about rabbits and so most of us don't opt for them. According to the latest reports from the APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturers Association), the demand for rabbits have increased greatly over the past decade. Today in the US, there are more than 6 million rabbits which are kept as pets, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years.
Rabbits do make excellent pets, you have to give them some time and love so that can get used to you being around. The reason rabbits have suddenly become so popular is because lots of information is available about them on the Internet. Having rabbits as pets has become a fashion and there are tons of rabbit organizations which help you take care of rabbits and provide important information on their health care.
Do Rabbits Make Good House Pets
Rabbits are excellent choices for people who live in small apartments, and cannot get a dog or cat in the house. They don't make any noise nor they are hard to handle. In the initial months, they need a great deal of socializing as well as strict litter training. They are good for kids also, but kids need to train how to handle them. Young children can sometimes be too anxious to hold a rabbit and hence can scare the animal. It is true that rabbits can be litter box trained. They do, however, have a tendency to explore things by eating them, so make sure you set up a rabbit proof environment in the house. Don't leave any hazardous things in the house such as rubber, electric plugs or exposed wires which can be very dangerous.
Because of the huge size of many rabbits, many people think that they come with a lot of expense. This isn't true. A normal rabbit can cost you anywhere around $20 to $30. Their sale and prices go up in the month of Easter, so it is best to buy before that. A well-bred and cared rabbit can live up to 10 years and some of them even live up to their teens if taken proper care of.
Rabbits for Kids
If parents take care, kids and rabbits can match up very well. Children, in general, have a very loving nature, but this loving nature means holding, cuddling, and carrying their pet around wherever they go. This behavior is very cute, but is not good for rabbits as this makes them feel insecure, like they are in the hands of a predator. Children don't have a firm grip and can accidentally drop rabbits which leaves them with broken bones and backs. When rabbits are not handled properly they bite, kick or scratch to protect themselves, which is termed as bad behavior.
Talking about rabbit health care, in the US there's no need to give your rabbits annual vaccinations. However, it is good if you take them for regular check ups which can help detect small problems before it gets serious. To prevent hormone driven behavior, it is necessary that your rabbits should be neutered once they reach their sexual maturity, that is 4 to 6 months of age. Make sure you only go to skilled veterinarians who specialize in rabbit care.
I hope this article has answered your question - do rabbits make good pets? Rabbits are excellent pets and they need the same amount of love and affection that you'll give to your pet dog or cat.