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Cute Hamster Names

Cute Hamster Names

Naming a new pet hamster is not impossible and can actually be turned into a fun activity. This article lists some names which will help you.
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When it comes to choosing names for their pets, owners are very particular. We want something that suits the personality or maybe the color of our pet, a name that not only sounds good but which is also unique and cute. Choosing names randomly is easy, but choosing some unique and cute hamster names for your pet can sometimes be a bit difficult.
When it comes to naming pets (in this case, a hamster), we usually name it after our favorite cartoon character or our favorite rock star or movie star. We choose names which will remind us of something or someone, or maybe a name that helps us remember something really good. Moreover, the names that girls have for their pet hamster is something that boys are never going to use, and vice verse. Here are some cute female and male hamster names.
Names for Boys Names for Girls
Brownie Corey Annabelle Bella
Chomper Buster Daisy Dora
Ax Alfonzo Bonnie Bubbles
Bruno Charles Diane Ella
Gizmo Harley Caramel Amber
Hugo Domino Hannah Melinda
Houdini Jacob Amore Alaska
Kujo Mort Anastasia Angel
Rambo Ryan Cacey Gabreilla
Scooby Tommy Muriel Jennifer
Beastie Elijah Fluffy Natalia
Kurma Lazy Adila Marika
Zebra Homer Izzy Jeanie
Lil'Dude Beckham Edytha Renee

Sometimes, you might also get hamsters in pairs. Name them something that will rhyme with each other or maybe complement each other, such as Batman and Robin, Fred and Barney, or Tom and Jerry, and so on. Here are some hamster names for pairs which will give you some ideas.
Names for Pairs
Cherry and Blossom Zulu and Lulu
Missy and Dissy Jinx and Binx
Momo and Bobo Bonnie and Clyde
Calvin and Hobbes Cup and Cake
Diego and Sid Goofy and Goober
Julius and Caesar Mango and Tango
Oscar and Felix Phoebe and Ursula
Ross and Rachel Chandler and Monica
Batman and Robin Snoopy and Droopy
Adam and Eve Timon and Pumbaa
Wilbur and Orville Yin and Yang
Zeus and Roxanne Pooh and Piglet

These were some cute girl and boy hamster names. These names will help you choose one for your pet when you run out of ideas. If you want, you can also put on your thinking cap and come up with something new and different. If you can't, then this list will make it easier for you.