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Cute and Funny Names for Your Pet Fish That Will Crack You Up

Cute and Funny Names for Your Pet Fish
Well, it's not like when you call your fish pet by its name, it's going to vault out of its tank and mount a moist kiss on your cheek. But, your fish has a personality, and every personality merits a fitting name. PetPonder offers you some cute and funny name selection for your pet fish.
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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
While breaking wind is considered bad manners among humans, herrings have a different take to it. Herrings expel gas through their anal duct to communicate at night.
Make christening of your pet fish a funny task. Summon up that sense of humor of yours and come up with a name that will split your friend's guts. Waken that artist in you and confer a moniker to your pet fish that will prove to be an inspiration to all pet fish owners in the world.

We would like to float a few ideas and suggestions to make this naming ceremony seamless and risible - First, and very important, ascertain the gender of your fish, well, your pet fish is not going to take any umbrage if you call him by a male-centric name or vice-versa, but now that you have decided to name it, why not take in a little effort to find out its sex. Second, if you are an owner of an exotic fish breed that is indigenous to a particular region or country, then try to dig what its called in the native tongue. Third, look to some cinematic influence as it is most likely to give you a great brainwave.

Get some funny and snazzy inspiration for your pet fish through the following selection of names:
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Fish Pet Names
Female Fish Names Male Fish Names
Caviar Anchovy
Omega-3 Flashtail
Piscina Aquadude
Marshmallow Cleo
Bubblemoth Gilly Chan
Calypso Hodgepodge
Mrs. Tailspin Ungaro
Tangerine Barty Crouch Jr.
Sashimi Agent Gills
Sushi Pollock
Naida Claude
Chips Tyden
Confetti Zander
Fancy Bait Comet Tail
Mermaid Jaws
Hydra Titanic
Ahtolla James Pond
Lala Fillet
Mrs. Fishy Goggledegook
Speckles Bo-Diddley
Mistress Django- the tanked fish
Bermuda Doug
Doris Edward- the sparkler
Lana Silvia
Fishy Lady Troy
Coral Countess Quinton
Nautica Mr. Jazzy Tails
Tapioca Norton
Finberly Rascal
Esmargot Tiny Tim
Mrs. Selfish Edgar
Almonds Romello
Algae Alejandro
Penelope Fishface
Popsicle Coverboy
Prudence Twister
Yvette Jack Sparrow
Nymph Casanova
Beyoncé Obama
La poisson (la pwa-son) Ozwald
Zenya Tornado
Bellatrix Stephen Fry
Pollywoodle Agent Cody Tanks
Ichthika Black Beard
Teepee Sirius
Cleopatra Presley
Himawari MoJo-JoJo
Brittnie Tasuki
Zelda Buster
Vesper Finnegan
What's the best thing about naming any pet in the world? First - they will never change their name even if they don't like it and second - they will continue to love you unconditionally no matter what name you call them with. Aww!
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Leopard Wrasse In Aquarium
Brook Trout Swims
Melanurus Wrasse
Port Hoplo Catfish
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