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Corydoras Catfish as Pets

Corydoras Catfish as Pets
Corydoras catfish are a class of freshwater catfish, and are popular as aquarium fish. Read more about them in this write-up.
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There are about 150 species of fish belonging to the genus Corydoras, due to which fish keepers have a wide variety of fish to choose from for their aquarium. As a matter of fact, a lot of people opt for this fish as they are undemanding and have a great personality. Corydoras catfish species are known to be social in nature. They should not be kept in solitude. They need to be kept in a group of at least three, but they are the happiest when there are at least six in the group. They belong to freshwater temperate and tropical catfish family. They are part of the armored catfish family. The name of the fish is derived from the Greek words kory and doras, which stand for 'helmet' and 'skin' respectively.
Information about Corydoras Catfish
You will be happy to know that the cory catfish are peaceful as well as entertaining in nature. They can be kept as scavengers in a freshwater aquarium, but they are able to survive in different types of water. They are apt for home aquariums, as they do not grow very large in size. They have gone on to become of the favorite aquarium fish.
Physical Description
Different species of the Corydoras genus have quite similar appearances. The main difference lies in the size and color of the fish and their markings. They grow to around 2.5 inches. The most important physical trait of the Corydoras is that they have four barbels located close to their mouth. These help them to find food, which is hidden in the layer of the substrate.
Unlike other fish, catfishes do not have scales on their bodies, but have armor on their body. The armor consists of bony plates, which is able to protect the fish. Some of the species of these fish are known to swallow air from the surface of the water. The water is then passed into the swim bladder. Oxygen is extracted from water in the swim bladder. This helps cory catfish survive in oxygen-deprived water
Care Tips
Cory catfish are the perfect aquarium catfish. They are very easy to take care of. Like I have previously mentioned, they are social in nature. They are also known to be very peaceful in nature. Therefore, it is best not to keep them with the warring fish, as the warring fish can cause harm to them. However, there are a number of other fish which you can keep with them in the aquarium.
It is important to have a soft substrate when you plan to keep these catfishes in the aquarium, as they scavenge the floor for food. They will have to be kept between 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, as they are a temperate fish. They are essentially found around South America. They have a lifespan between 3 and 5 years.
Breeding in captivity is difficult with this fish. Only in some very rare cases, breeding of captive cories has given positive results. A 10-gallon or larger tank will be required to keep these fish. These fish are known as bottom feeders. Its best to add algae to their diet, which will sink to the bottom of the tank. When in wild, they are seen eating insects, worms, larvae, dead fish, etc. Distinguishing the male and the female fish is not difficult. The females are larger as compared to the males. Females are also rounder in comparison to their counterparts.
When you bring corydorases at home as pets, you may have to keep varying the temperature a little to know what is the best for the species. If you see them coming out of water to breathe, remember that it is normal for them to do so.
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