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Bow Front Aquarium

Tulika Nair May 12, 2019
There are many different types of aquariums in the market. The bow front aquarium is one of them. Here, we tell you more about this type and how it is different from other types of fish tanks.
Most of us are used to flat-front aquariums. So how is a bow front aquarium different? The answer lies in its name itself. The latter has a convex front wall but sides and back that are similar to a normal aquarium. This peculiar shape allows for a habitat with more depth and, therefore, more space for the fish.
Most enthusiasts are also of the opinion that this type of fish tank makes its inhabitants a lot more interesting than the more commonly-used flat front variety.


Available at almost any pet store, these aquariums can be used for saltwater and freshwater fish. While generally made of glass, you can easily find acrylic varieties of the aquariums as well. For obvious reasons, the latter are more durable as compared to glass aquariums and therefore, predominantly leak-proof.
From large tanks with a capacity of 150 gallons to tanks with a capacity of just about 2.5 gallons, there is a huge range of these fish tanks available in the market. If you are unable to find a model in the size that you wish for, it is possible to contact manufacturers for custom-made tanks.
For new aquarists, a fish tank which has a capacity of 10 gallons is perfect. If you have some experience though, you can opt for smaller or bigger fish tanks according to your requirement.
This style of aquarium adds to the depth of the fish tank, therefore, bringing with it an additional width. While making a selection, ensure that the aquarium hood stretches all through the length of the fish tank.
Maintenance is quite simple as there are cutouts in the back that allow you to fix filters, heaters etc., and there is a flap in the front that can be used to feed your fish. These tanks also come with cabinets that can be used for any storage requirements that you may have.
Cleaning algae that develops in the tank can be a bit of an issue as the process is slightly different from normal aquariums. Unlike flat-front aquariums, where you can use a razor or a scraper, with the bow front variety you have to wipe the aquarium glass from side to side.
The pricing in some cases can be slightly prohibitive so try and research your options before zeroing in on a model. Many of these fish tanks come with customized stands that have a beautiful finish that add to the appeal of the fish tank. You can also opt to buy matching canopies and overhead hoods to fix lights.
This type of aquariums are regular in offices and professional properties because they add to the elegance of the space. Many offices also choose to place aquariums in their settings as they are believed to calm the surroundings. It is important that when you position one, you avoid walkways and allow it to be the centerpiece.