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How to Decorate Betta Fish Tanks

How to Decorate Betta Fish Tanks
If you wish to keep betta fish as pets, you will have to do justice to their captive habitat. In this PetPonder article, we will put forth some attractive ideas to decorate their tank.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Dec 26, 2018
Siamese fish
The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as betta fish at times, are beautiful freshwater fish, which are highly popular in aquarium trade. The species is specifically bred to fulfill the high demand that has stemmed from the fact that it is on every other aquarium enthusiast's wish list.
Pet fish in Tank
If you are contemplating the idea of adding betta fish to your collection, then here's some information that you shouldn't miss out on.
Ideal Betta Fish Tanks
If betta fish are popular in aquarium trade today, it is partly because of the fact that they look beautiful while they swim. The manner in which they swim, with their vibrantly colored fins, it reminds us of paint colors dissolving in water. Displaying these fish in tanks can surely be pleasing to the eyes.
Beautiful fish tank
To match up to the beauty of these fish, even the place that they stay in, i.e., their captive habitat, should be made beautiful. In other words, their tanks have to be as attractive as they themselves are. And this is where aquarium decoration comes into the picture.
Any glass object, such as large vases, bowls, deep casseroles, and aquariums, can be used to house the species. As these fish are so attractive to look at, you won't require many additions for your tank, other than a few plants and pebbles. You need to choose the tank size carefully as these fish love to swim around.
Betta fish are colorful and thus, addition of green plants and white pebbles to the tank can give it a perfect look. Many people think betta fish are isolated and aggressive, which is not true; they are quite social and love to swim around. You can include plants in the tank and watch the fish play with them; that―perhaps―is their favorite 'water' sport.
betta fish
Even though they are freshwater aquarium fish, they have a tendency to hide themselves behind rocks or at the base of the water body. Therefore, when you introduce corals in the tank, your pet betta get a nice hiding place.
Additionally, corals add to the beauty of the tank as well. Corals are also uniquely shaped and hence, they can be great options to fill up large-sized tanks and aquariums. Many times, when you have corals, there is no requirement for pebbles and plants, but if you have enough space to accommodate all of them, well and good!
Other than gravel, colored pebbles, and lush green plants, you can also add different types of toys the fish tank. Several pet stores keep a wide variety of toys sale. These include hide-outs, plastic divers, bridges, rocks, ships, etc. Such creative additions won't just add to the beauty of the tanks, but will also keep the fish occupied.
With this, you sure would have made your choice! So, go ahead and get these colorful fish, and add some colors to your fish tank as well as your home.