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Best Aquarium Fish

Kalpana Kumari Oct 8, 2018
Read on to know about a few of the best aquarium fish that you can breed in a freshwater aquarium without spending much time and effort.
A beautiful aquarium can enhance the decor of your home. To make an aquarium look beautiful, you need attractive fish living in it. To make all the fish living in the aquarium stay healthy and live for long, you need to act intelligently.
You need to breed those fish which can live well with the environmental conditions present inside your aquarium, i.e, freshwater fish for freshwater while hard water fish for hard water. You will have to take some factors into consideration while buying fish for your aquarium.

How to Buy

Buying fish is probably the most important part of aquarium maintenance. If you keep those fish that are suitable for your aquarium type, more than half of your job is done. You can buy fish after considering a few factors which are mentioned here.
  • The fish should be able to survive in the temperature and type of water in your aquarium.
  • All the fish should be compatible with each other. A particular type should not be a danger to another type.
  • The size of all the fish, particularly when they become adults, should be suited to your aquarium.
  • Take care of the dietary requirements of all the fish that you are going to breed in your aquarium. Some need only flakes while some feed on live insects. Try to breed fish of similar dietary requirements.

Best Breeds to Keep


One of the most popular fish for freshwater aquariums is the goldfish. They are colorful and attractive fish which are native to China. They can grow to a large size.
You can find different varieties of this species. Some of those which are commonly bred in aquariums are fantail, veiltail, black moor, and common goldfish. A disadvantage associated with breeding them in aquariums is that they discharge a lot of waste.

Leopard Danio

They are easy to care for. They live peacefully in the aquarium. They have a hard covering, so they are able to adjust to a wide range of conditions. They grow well in shallow water. Due to these reasons, they are counted among the best freshwater fish for beginners.


Swordtails are freshwater fish that can grow to a size of 4 inches. They feed on both prepared and live foods. They are generally peaceful but mostly, males are found to show aggression towards each other.
They grow and breed easily in a freshwater aquarium. However, you need to be very careful while breeding them. Females are well-known to eat their young ones. Therefore, you will need to remove the old female fish from the tank after they reproduce.

Neon tetra

Neon tetra are also known as community or schooling fish. They normally move in groups. They usually glow when the aquarium is lit well. They owe their luminescence to the opalescent sheen present on their scales.
They do not grow to a big size and remain small. They must be kept with non-aggressive fish, or else, they can get eaten up.


They are close relatives of the swordtail fish. They have a broad body and come in a variety of colors. They breed easily but need plants for privacy. They grow well in aquariums. They move in a group of 5 and feed on both prepared and live foods.
These are some of the commonly-known aquarium fish. Select those which suit your comfort, ease, and budget. Set up an aquarium and enjoy nature in the comfort of your home.