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Aquarium Decoration Tips

Shashank Nakate May 13, 2019
The decoration of aquariums require both an artistic view and knowledge of the conditions in which the fish can thrive. Here you would find tips which take into consideration both these factors.
Decoration of aquariums will not only enhance the look of the drawing-room, but will also induce the fish to feel more comfortable.
Moreover, the soothing effect that the aquariums generate, would be enhanced by decorations. The fish tend to feel vulnerable and stressed out in undecorated or open aquariums. The natural habitats provide them with enclosures and places to hide. Thus, aquariums or fish tanks should be decorated keeping in mind their natural habitats.
The most important thing one has to keep in mind is that the materials used for decoration should not harm the fish in any way. There is great variety in the aquarium decoration accessories available in the market.
It is an interesting activity to decorate the aquarium with these materials. However, one can also explore his creativity for decorating the aquarium.

How to Decorate an Aquarium

Let's take a look at some of the methods and materials used in the decoration of aquariums.

Decorative Materials

Kids enjoy decorating the aquariums with the helps of various items and toys like the under water diver. The toy is used for a dual purpose. It acts as a 'bubbler' as well as a decorative item. Different funny signs like the Parthenon, Roman columns, and treasure chests can be placed at the bottom of the aquarium.
Replicas of sunken battleships and bridges if placed in the aquarium, give it a feel of the sea bed. Decorations made of plastic can also be used. Some people don't use plastic items fearing the effects they could have on the fish. However, as long as a decorative item doesn't release toxins, it is completely safe for usage.


These are the best hiding places for fish in an aquarium. Fish use them like caves. One can pick stones from the surroundings for aquarium decoration. However, some of the stones affect the pH level of water. Some also release toxins in water. In such cases, it is advisable to actually buy stones.
Nowadays, 'live rocks' are used to decorate aquariums. These rocks are taken directly from the ocean floor. Live rocks are formed of calcium carbonate and they might be the skeletons of corals or other calcareous organisms.
Rockscaping is done with the help of such rocks. It is the practice in which the rocks are shaped into a various forms. Holes can be drilled to facilitate the movement of small fish through them.


This can be used as the focal point of an aquarium. Before placing the wood in aquariums, one should test it in the 'aquarium test kit'. One should not place just any wood in the aquarium. Buying a driftwood from a store is advisable.


Nowadays, fake plants along with live plants are used to decorate aquariums. The benefit of using live plants is that, they facilitate oxygenation and nitrogen removal in the aquariums. Plants provide shelter to the fish and also act as breeding sites.
Moreover, the live plants bring a realistic look to aquariums. Fake plants too add to the beauty of aquariums and are easy to clean. If one thinks about introducing the plant-eating fish in the aquarium, he can think about using fake plants in the aquarium.


These materials can be used to create decorative pieces of different shapes and sizes. Care should be taken to see that their edges are not sharp. Algae might grow on the surface of ceramic items, which are difficult to scrape off.
One should try to keep a balance between two things i.e. the creativity he 'pours' into the aquarium and the safety of the fish. If these things are followed, aquarium decoration can definitely turn out to be a fun activity.