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Angelfish Tank Mates

Angelfish Tank Mates
This article deals with information about angelfish tank mates. The compatibility between different fish types and the angelfish can be understood by getting into the details about their nature.
Shashank Nakate
The angelfish is actually a group of different fish types. The freshwater angelfish are tropical cichlids which belong to the genus Pterophyllum, while marine angelfish are from the Pomacanthidae family. The Angel shark, Cave angelfish, Atlantic spade fish, and the Ringstraked guitarfish are other types of these fish. The angelfish which come under cichlids are aggressive and territorial in nature. These fish are therefore known to harm or even kill smaller ones. Therefore, choosing their tank mates carefully becomes a part of freshwater angelfish care. Some of the angelfish types are as follows.
  • Coral Beauty Angelfish
  • Black Angelfish
  • Freshwater Angelfish
  • Flame Angelfish
  • Queen Angelfish
  • Emperor Angelfish

One of the well-known angelfish facts is that they are known to live peacefully in large aquariums (minimum 50 gallon capacity) where they have enough space for themselves. A group of six fish is considered to be ideal. They are known to occupy the mid-level portion of an aquarium. The types of fish which like to float around at the top or near the bottom should therefore be suitable as mates. However, there are many other factors which need to be considered.
Silver Dollar
The Silver Dollar is considered as one of the best mates to angelfish and they share space quite harmoniously. The scientific name of this fish is Metynnis argenteus. The Silver Dollar is, however, known to eat live plants; therefore, it's advisable not to use such plants in aquariums. The angelfish and Silver Dollar that are kept together need to be of the same size.
Few people say that both gouramis and angelfish being aggressive in nature, can harm each other. It is also speculated that these fish nip at each other's long fins. However, docile gouramis can be good partners with angelfish. Some aquarium owners complain about problems associated with compatibility between gold gouramis and angelfish; some others say that moonlight gouramis share a harmonious relationship with the angelfish.
The rams are fish which prefer to stay at the bottom of aquariums. They therefore don't get into fights with angelfish over territory. Important species of these fish which belong to the Mikrogeophagus genus are M. altispinosus and M. ramirezi. A single pair of rams is considered to be suitable for aquariums with 2-3 angelfish.
Hatchet fish
These fish belong to the Gasteropelecidae family and spend most of the time in upper areas of aquariums. It is, however, recommended to use larger hatchet fish which match the size of the angelfish. This is because, the latter being predatory in nature, larger hatchet fish can defend themselves. It is only a precautionary measure and one doesn't have to worry much about keeping these aquarium fish with the angelfish.
It is not advisable to keep betta fish with angelfish, as their trailing fins can lead to the angelfish getting irritated. As the angelfish also have long fins, some of the fish belonging to families like Tetra and Barb have a tendency to nip at them. It is therefore advisable not have the Tetra fish and Barb fish in a single tank with angelfish.
The facts about angelfish and the information pertaining to those fish types that are compatible with them is presented above; their varied habitats lead to the development of distinct personalities. You need to follow all the tips for angelfish care and take all the necessary precautions for choosing good tank mates for them.