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This Really Adorable Abyssinian Guinea Pig Will Make You Go Awww

Abyssinian Guinea Pig
A short account of the Abyssinian guinea pig care that will help you decide whether it's an ideal pet for you.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The origin of the name Abyssinian guinea pig has an interesting story behind it. The breed is neither from Abyssinia, nor Guinea; it is not even a pig in the first place! So, how did it get this name? Guinea pigs are originally from South America. Their import by Europeans began in the 16th century.
During those times, anything exotic was given a trendy or fashionable name, which included names of countries as well. The name 'guinea pig' was thus, prefixed with 'Abyssinian' by Britishers. Guinea was an old monetary unit in Britain. Maybe, the import of these rodents would cost a 'guinea' back then and thus, it was included in its name.
Facts about Abyssinian Guinea Pig
The coat of these guinea pigs has a pattern that is known as rosette; a name assigned for the fact that the coat grows in whorls. Edges of rosettes have prominent borders. Rosettes are arranged on the body in a symmetrical fashion. The breed comes in black, white, and/or red series. (The beige, lilac, and chocolate coats are included in the black series. The red series, on the other hand, includes colors like cream, buff, orange, red, and white.)
These creatures have a docile temperament and are therefore, suitable for domestication. It may be a little difficult to make a generalized statement about their temperament, but most of them follow the commands given by owners. They are intelligent enough to recognize human voice after getting accustomed to it. The nature of these animals is such that they prefer living in pairs. One should, however, try to socialize young guinea pigs as early as possible.
Abyssinian guinea pigs are known to be energetic and active. They are more mischievous than other types, and friendlier as well. The docile nature of guinea pigs and their responsiveness in terms of hand feeding makes them good pets.
Care and Treatment
Guinea pigs need fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. Adequate fresh water should be provided to them regularly. At the same time, even exercise is an important part of their daily routine. You can provide them tubes and boxes to play with. A separate guinea pig house allows them to move freely and in the process, gives them enough exercise. They should not be overfed though, as it may cause them to suffer from diarrhea. Similarly, overfeeding of lettuce can cause liver problems in this species. Their coat should be groomed regularly in order to prevent matting.
Names for Pigs
Chippy Axel Autumn
Abby Aubrey Annabelle
Fatso Ambrosia Angel
Cookie Beanie Bea Honey
Chubby Charlie Benny
Beauty Biscuit Bingo
Betty Bobo Blondie
Blueberry Cheeko Bissel
Billie Jo Chocolate Chipper
Charlotte Bubba Caramel
Butterfinger Buddy Brownie
Daisy Mae Cotton Ball CreamPuff
Cola Cocoa Dudley
Dumbo Frisky Fudge

If you intend to keep any animal as a pet, you need to get well-versed with all the information about it. This will not just make it easier for you to care for that animal, but will also make sure that the animal lives a healthy and long life.
Guinea pig and human hand
Abyssinian Guinea Pig with young animal
Guinea pig, abyssinian